Cost-Averaging Recurring Bitcoin Purchases With CoinCorner

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Pushing cryptocurrency adoption to new levels is the responsibility of all service providers. Companies such as CoinCorner are pushing the envelope in this regard, by launching new products in quick succession. 

CoinCorner Raises the bar Again

It is great to see some of the older cryptocurrency service providers acknowledge that certain services may be in high demand. While a lot of people have shown an interest in buying Bitcoin, they often remain hesitant to do so. Solving that problem is a tricky ordeal, yet this UK-based company may have been able to crack the code after all. 

Their new service is both powerful and elegant at the same time. It provides exactly what new users may be looking for. Getting one’s feet wet in the cryptocurrency world requires playing with smaller amounts of money first and foremost. There is no need to buy a full Bitcoin from day one, although that option is there for those looking to explore it. 

Through CoinCorner, users can now buy Bitcoin through a standing order. What this means is that specific amounts of money in one’s CoinCorner balance will be used to buy Bitcoin periodically. Whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, or otherwise, these orders will complete automatically. 

The main advantage to using this method is not just slowly accumulating portions of a Bitcoin. It also allows users to cost-average their holdings accordingly. As Bitcoin’s price is often very volatile, buying at the best price possible becomes all the more important.

In the end, CoinCorner users will be able to save time and slowly accumulate Bitcoin automatically. It is a very viable approach to get more people interested in not only buying BTC, but potentially telling others about this process as well.

Another Innovative Feature

It is not the first new feature added to this cryptocurrency platform in recent weeks. Whereas buying Bitcoin periodically might have a bigger long-term impact, their other new feature is certainly of great interest. For now, it is only available to crypto holders in the United Kingdom. 

A few weeks ago, CoinCorner successfully became the first provider of a Bitcoin cashback service in the UK. With hundreds of participating retailers signed up already, this is another good way to accumulate smaller amounts of a Bitcoin without any extra effort. 

Services like these are very common in the US and Canada, but in Europe, there is nothing of the sorts. Now that the UK is home to a Bitcoin cashback, one can only hope to see similar services pop up n continental Europe.  

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