CryptoMode Ethereum Supply Forks Unique Addresses Transaction Fees

There is still a lot of dismay regarding the COSS exchange. Its sudden shutdown and associated move to a new system leaves the customer base divided. 

However, it would appear that some big progress has been made in recent weeks.

COSS is Finally Coming Back

The funds associated with COSS is on the move, as documented by the team on Reddit.

This move signals the switch to a new intermediary wallet before being sent to the new permanent hot wallet.

It is believed that this process will take approximately 48 hours, and no one should be alarmed.

There is always a chance a lot of people will claim how this is part of the ongoing exit scam, despite having no evidence to back up such claims.

One thing to consider is how COSS will fare once services are resumed.

Given the PR blunder the company created, it seems likely to assume that plenty of withdrawal requests will be made.

Albeit it appears that this entire migration is legitimate, the community’s sentiment has soured significantly.

One small positive note is how all of the assets held by COSS during this migration have gained value.

That is better than nothing, albeit the way in which things happened leaves much to be desired. 

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