The recent “disappearance” of COSS continues to create a lot of backlash. The company decided to take its functionality offline for several weeks, which creates a lot of friction among users.

On Reddit, a new thread has surfaced regarding the COSS exchange.

What is the COSS Team Thinking?

Not only are users locked out of their funds, the company is also cracking down on social media.

Any negative comment or post asking about the exchange’s operational status faces a warning or even a ban. 

Such a negative attitude toward customers is never a good sign.

In the eyes of some, it is a clear sign that COSS will run off with their money, even though that seems rather unlikely at this time. 

Given the bad reputation centralized exchanges have, these concerns are not unfounded either.

Several companies have come and gone in the past decade. 

Some of them even took measures somewhat similar to what COSS is doing right now.

For a company to prevent users from accessing funds for a full month without prior warning, the next few weeks will prove crucial.

Customers have a right to express their opinions and concerns.

Removing such information from the internet because it seems “negative” is never the right approach. 


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