COSS is Coming Back Next Week Under new Management

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When the COSS exchange went offline without prior notice, many people expected this to become another exit scam. In a recent update, it appears that the platform will make its return in a few days from today.

COSS seemingly hasn’t scammed any users after all.

The Return of COSS is Nigh

Those concerns appeared somewhat justified, given the strange course of action taken by the team.

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Halting all activity and suspending withdrawals for a month is not a favorable course of action.

According to an email sent out to exchange users, the company will resume its service shortly.

The relaunch is scheduled for March 4, and will introduce new management.

Who is at the helm in the new version of the exchange, has not been disclosed as of yet.

It does appear that both deposits and withdrawals will be enabled on the 4th.

Massive withdrawal queues are somewhat to be expected, as most people lost faith in this trading platform altogether. 

Blaming some of the current issues on the previous management team is also a relatively cheap tactic.

That being said, many people were never satisfied with the previous team, for a variety of reasons.

One can only hope things will improve from here on out, both in terms of user experience and management.

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