COSS has Allegedly Been Acquired, new Team Will Take Over Operations

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It appears that no day goes by without more controversial information surrounding COSS. As it turns out, the exchange has been acquired by an unnamed third party.

The past few weeks have been very troublesome for users of this trading platform.

More Drama Surrounding COSS

Shutting down without letting users know about it or withdraw funds in advance remains a very controversial decision.

Last week it became apparent that this server migration has almost completed. 

However, it seems that users will not deal with the old operators for much longer.

On Reddit, a post has surfaced claiming how COSS has been acquired.

Albeit the acquirer is not mentioned by name, the working relationship between both entities has been going on for a while.

There will be a new team taking full stake in the company.

While this is, in theory, good news, it remains to be seen if that is effectively the case.

After all, most users simply want to get their funds and move it to a different wallet or trading platform. 

After pulling such an odd stunt that would only be a logical loss for the COSS exchange

Moreover, many feel that this exchange has little to no credibility left in the industry. 

As such, this acquisition might not matter all that much, in the end.

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