CoralSwap Funding $3.5M Arousing Defi Craze For Its Up-Coming Launch On OkexChain


August, 2021, Silicon Valley, United States — CoralSwap launches its test net and is planning to be soon on OkexChain as the first batch of automated work protocols. Its plan with OkexChain has attracted the massive attention of best Defi and NFT investors in the industry for its profitable testnet to be released. CoralSwap has completed a investment raising $3.5 million funding, part of it from the foundation of Crypto View Ltd (Colorado) that will be used to further strengthen their major sections of the Defi project. The funding will also be used to develop the CoralSwap ecosystem and help the subsequent market business development.

CoralSwap as an highly expected automated market maker planned and developed by Defi industry professionals, which include Mphil of Stanford University, the former director of the BrianSing Group, and technical experts who have been deeply involved in the Defi industry for decades. 

CoralSwap: Win & Earn AMM Defi Ecosystem With Unprecedented Lottery V2 for Token Burn

CoralSwap embodies with it functions of liquidity mining, an initial farm offering, the creative NFT solution for the luxury digital artists and entertainment industry, a lottery updated to Version 2 path its way closer to Multi fun for token burn, so as to reward more CoralSwap participants, and a decentralized autonomous organization to include the creative NFTs on their road map. All of these will help CoralSwap realize self-driven liquidity creation and give participants the greatest value dividend.

User-Friendly & Lower Entrance Allowing More User Engagement to Open the Global Market

Additionally, CoralSwap helps to overcome one of DeFi’s biggest issues: the complex learning process and high entrance to DeFi hence to enhance the liquidity in of its solid project and attract more investors with NFTs industry ins and outs.

CoralSwap’s single-currency pledge, dual-currency liquidity mining, and farming, as well as many other features, ensure that the entire platform to be easy to use. These features will, therefore, make it easier to provide liquidity to CoralSwap and, in turn, make liquidity access more sustainable.

Escalating the Challenge for Traditional Financial Marketplace By Bringing Opportunities to Majority Remapping the Global Assets

The creative NFT to be released on CoralSwap has provided the art industry with a bridge for capital manipulation, organically combining creativity and digitization, and at the same time introducing more liquidity from the traditional financial market to the digital currency market. The whirlpool formed constantly challenges the participant the gap of long-existing law, and brings more opportunities for the redistribution of global asset distribution.

The collision between the crypto industry and the traditional display world began with the a NFT trend more creative and entertaining, and will engage more luxury art collection industries as well as the capitals in the way of butterfly effect, hence to result the shock to financial market of this century.

Not a Game of the Whale, Lower Gas Fee On Okexchain Being A Strategic Deployment of CoralSwap

OkexChain, which supports smart contracts and is fully compatible with Ethereum and interconnects across chains, breaking the current “island” situation of transactions and promoting Defi integration. It has also solved the problems of sky rocketing gas fee and conjunction on ETH.

The top three exchanges have been hit hardest by DEX. While PancakeSwap is hot, CoralSwap are online in time for popular DeFi contracts, and OTC is online for popular DeFi currency exchange channels, etc. turning from a learner in the DeFi field into a leader.

CoralSwap will be based on OKexChain empowerment campaign and also combined with its liquidity advantages, making it an effective channel for entry to the Okex ecosystem with the broad global users. The two parties are going to work together to promote mainstream DeFi adoption.

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