Cookieless Tracking: Data Privacy for the Future

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Ethics and trust need to continuously be top of mind when it comes to the handling and collection of user data online. Far too long there has been mistrust which has lead to greater privacy concerns as well as legislation that is more favorable of protecting people online such as GDPR. It’s important to keep up with current trends that will make you and your analytics strategy at the forefront of what is available in the marketplace. Cookieless tracking has arrived and it is here to stay so it will definitely come into play when it comes to your marketing analysis strategy.

A recent study as performed by Google and Ipsos reports that “91% of internet users aged 16-74 say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.” Do the right thing and learn how to integrate cookieless tracking when it comes to your data collection. Learn more in the visual deep dive below:

Data Collection in a Post-Cookie World
Source: InfoTrust

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