Constant Evolution: B2Core Announces a Major Update with Event Notifications, Detailed cTrader Data, and More


As a powerful customer relationship management solution, B2Core offers brokers and exchanges crucial tools to streamline operations and increase client engagement. And the most recent upgrade to the platform brings several innovative features — including support for Telegram, an event notification module, access to detailed cTrader data, and bulk deposit options to client accounts — which greatly enhance client operations’ efficiency and streamline the overall workflow.

Each new version of the B2Core platform demonstrates the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the CRM market by adapting to the changing demands of the sector. 

Let’s look at these improvements and new features in detail.

Telegram Support

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B2Core’s integration with Telegram expands the communication channels for real-time updates and notifications. Brokers can effortlessly connect their B2Core Back Office account with their Telegram chat ID profile to receive notifications directly to their preferred communication platform. 

Setting up Telegram integration is a breeze, with easy configuration of templates and bots within the B2Core platform. By leveraging Telegram, users can stay connected and promptly make informed decisions, ensuring responsiveness to market events and maximizing operational efficiency.

To ensure successful integration, you can refer to the official How-to articles for guidance on setting up Telegram templates and bot and retrieving the Telegram chat ID for connecting the platform to B2Core.

Customizable Event Notifications

B2Core’s new Event Notification module empowers admin users with unparalleled workflow control. With a wide range of 27 configurable options, administrators can customize event notifications to align with their specific requirements. Every crucial event can be monitored closely, from withdrawal requests to successful registrations. 

Admin users can receive notifications through various channels, including email, SMS, Slack, and the newly integrated Telegram. This flexibility ensures that admins can take swift and appropriate action when needed. 

Additionally, the Event Notification module facilitates collaboration by enabling multiple admin users to receive certain notifications. This can be achieved by adding more admins to the “Users” category of the module. All event notifications are conveniently accessible within the user card, allowing admins to stay up-to-date with important information effortlessly.

If you need more detailed instructions on how the new Event Notifications module works, consult the official B2Core documentation page. The How-To Guide and References page can also provide additional insights into using this feature.

Access To Detailed cTrader Data

B2Core has enhanced the cTrader interface by providing users with cTrader accounts with comprehensive data insights that unlock a deeper understanding of their trading accounts. Users can access detailed indicators such as Equity, Balance, Leverage, Credit, and Free funds, offering a holistic view of their financial positions. B2Core’s latest release introduces interactive graphics that visualize historical equity indicators, empowering users to analyze trends and make well-informed decisions. 

Real-time information on user orders, open positions, executed trades, and other pertinent data is readily available within an intuitive interface. By consolidating essential trading information, B2Core equips brokers with the tools to optimize their strategies and achieve superior trading outcomes.

Bulk Deposits

B2Core streamlines the fund management process by introducing a new feature that facilitates the simultaneous deposit of funds into multiple client accounts. Within the “Accounts” section, the easy-to-use “Update Balances” window enables users to efficiently add funds to designated accounts by uploading a CSV file containing relevant details: Email, ID, and precise amounts. 

This simplified process saves brokers valuable time and effort, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and deliver exceptional customer service.

Bottom Line

B2Core has taken a big leap forward with its latest update. By launching customizable event notifications, supporting Telegram, providing detailed insight into cTrade data, and simplifying bulk deposits, B2Core is demonstrating its commitment to provide brokers with a platform that serves all their CRM needs.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

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