During the last couple of months, several U.S. states have showcased efforts meant to encourage the development and adoption of blockchain technology domestically. Connecticut is doing the same and has recently established a blockchain working group.

Governor Signs Bill for Developing a Blockchain Master Plan

Dannel Malloy, the governor of Connecticut, has signed a bill that aims to study blockchain technology for the purpose of developing an expansion master plan. The afferent research will be used to help accelerate blockchain development in the region.

According to the bill, the working group will focus on:

  1. Identify the economic growth and development opportunities presented by blockchain technology
  2. Assess the existing blockchain industry in the state
  3. Review workforce needs and academic programs required to build blockchain expertise across all relevant industries
  4. Make legislative recommendations that will help promote innovation and economic growth by reducing barriers to and expediting the expansion of the state’s blockchain industry.

The deadline for submitting the research results is the 1st of January, 2019. From that point onwards, it is expected that the state government will adopt a series of measures, meant to encourage blockchain growth.

Similar efforts have been carried out in Ohio, where smart contracts are now legally recognized. The same goes for Colorado, where the use of DLT technology is being promoted by the state government.

With that being said, efforts related to blockchain growth and development at a federal level still remain scarce.

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