Congress Amends Stablecoin Laws, Interest in DigiToads (TOADS) and Polkadot (DOT) Surges


According to the US Congress stablecoin bill, the top crypto coins will be brought deeper into the regulatory fold. This draft bill improved laws that aim to create a broader financial system on a global scale. Experts marked these law amendments for stablecoins as an extraordinary moment for digital currencies. Many credible crypto projects, as a result, rapidly gathered investor interest in the surging crypto market.

DigiToads and Polkadot are among these cryptos gaining investor attention as high-potential cryptocurrencies to buy. While Polkadot is an existing crypto project already popular in the competitive market, DigiToads is rapidly growing into a meme coin trend of 2023.

DigiToads: Investor’s Favorite Meme Coin Project of 2023

DigiToads provides all the tools a novice investor could require to learn about cryptocurrency trading. The project’s hybrid model allows users to explore various options to earn passive income through participation.

DigiToads has something for everyone, from trading tokens to staking NFTs, playing Web 3.0 games to win TOADs tokens, or simply earning them in giveaways.

TOADS, the platform’s native token, is a versatile cryptocurrency that can be used for anything from trading to entering competitions, playing games, and engaging in platform governance. The token is currently on presale, which is broken into ten stages. The TOADS coin is now priced at $0.024 USDT at its Lilipad 5 stage.

The DigiToads team has created a community-focused plan for the company’s future growth. These plans include donating 2.5% of annual profits to organizations involved in rainforest preservation and tree replanting. The community members of DigiToads will choose these charitable organizations before making donations.

The Web 3.0 game is one of the main reasons DigiToads has grabbed many experts’ and investors’ interest. In the game, participants compete in a swamp in the Metaverse to outdo one another. In their quest for the best score, players purchase or trade digital creatures known as ‘DigiToads,’ whose particular skills assist players in increasing their chances of winning. Players can also buy food, potions, and training equipment for their Toads.

After the month-long gaming season concludes, the project announces the winners. When the season is over, the players who occupy the top 25% of the scoreboard are rewarded with TOADS tokens. DigiToads also offer TOADS NFT collectors staking opportunities. DigiToads staking pool uses 2% of the project’s annual income to reward the TOADS NFT holders for staking their NFTs.

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Is Polkadot Showing Positive Market Trends?

Polkadot is a blockchain platform that intends to allow different blockchains to communicate and transact. The project serves as a network of other blockchain systems that aims to address blockchains’ shortcomings, such as scalability, security, and interoperability.

The blockchain’s native token, DOT, the top crypto to buy for its practical utilities, is now attracting more investors for its positive market trend in 2023. Since the start of this year, DOT has been outperforming the crypto market with an increased market cap of 3.53% recorded by CoinCodex.


With the amendment in stablecoin laws, experts predict a bigger and brighter future for digital currencies globally. Amidst this positive news, investors rapidly bag the best cryptocurrency to invest in to benefit from the rising crypto market.

Polkadot, an existing blockchain platform, and the newcomer DigiToads are both among the fast-selling cryptocurrencies witnessing a market value surge. Now the rapidly growing market value alongside a community trend of DigiToads is all set to turn this project into the next big thing in the meme coin industry.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.


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