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Mobile banking is considered to be the easiest and simplest way to go around your daily budgetary needs. With the rapid popularization of that kind of financial technology, clients have hundreds of different mobile banking apps for iPhones that IOS users can pick in order to sort their monetary needs.

These applications became so popular that today, nearly everyone uses an app daily with budget-related motives. 

To put it in numbers – 90% of people use these apps, while nearly 80% use them to view recent transactions on their accounts. 

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, these numbers were exacerbated due to the general population being unable to leave their house in order to visit their banks. 

In that period, Retail financial institution’s clients reported using bank apps more frequently than ever (37%) – while 48% claimed that during that time, smartphones were their favorite way to deposit checks.

The Best For IPhones

Apple’s App Store today presents a long variety of free mobile banking apps from several different monetary institutions.

These applications allow users to perform transfers, check balances, pay bills, request loans, and much more, all within a few clicks from the device that is always nearby.

According to a J. D. Power study conducted in 2020 regarding smartphone finance applications satisfaction – customers seek for facets like ease of use, speed, and accessibility when choosing their personal financial application.

In general, customers are looking for a free mobile banking app that can fulfill all of their budgetary needs in one application. 

1 – Cash App

Cash App (register here) is a mobile payment service created by Square, Inc. that enables clients to transfer money from one person to another on the app.

The application provides a safe and secure method of conducting transactions thanks to data encryption and an internal security lock.

You may send, request, and receive money using the application after connecting to a bank account or credit card – And you can still use CashApp in conjunction with Apple Pay.  Simply learn how to add and verify your Cash App card: see how here.

There are no fees or international transaction expenses as long as you fund and receive payments using your personal depository account. 


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Safe
  • Apple Pay portability

2 – Chime

Chime (register here) is undoubtedly one of the best options for mobile banking apps for iPhones.

This financial tech allows users access to all of the account’s features, including bank and investment accounts, as well as credit cards used with other institutions.

Chime also offers an exclusive payment method named “Pay Friend” in order to transfer money between your friends, without having to pay any fees.

Additionally, users may request checks to be mailed to both businesses and people via the app, as well as deposit checks.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Investment Accounts
  • Exclusive payment method

3 – Bank of America

The app from BOA (register here) – one of the United States’ most known traditional banks – is widely regarded as one of the best of all in modern times.

In Bank of America’s app, customers may transfer money, pay bills, deposit checks, and utilize Zelle’s payment network in order to send and receive money. 

The software also lets you utilize the Goals Tool, manage spending and budgets, and check your FICO score.

The app, one of the most popular in the nation, has over 30 million active users. Because of this, BOA also offers some of the greatest customer services in the industry.

Security is also a top priority for the application. The app gives clients the option to log in using the fingerprint reader on smartphones. 

That among many other reasons is why this credit card app ranks second in the U.S. in credit card app satisfaction, according to JD Power’s study.


  • Vast user base
  • Ability to check FICO score
  • Highly secure

4 – Discover

Joining this financial institution one might end up discovering it provides all of the features of any top app. The organization now holds the top spot for customer satisfaction with online credit cards, according to the same study.

In the app, clients can manage account balances, make payments, monitor transactions, and set up notifications via the app. 

Discover also offers an exclusive security feature where clients can lock and unlock accounts, in case someone loses or misplaces a credit card.

Customers may also access “Discover Deals” – meaning deals on the newest brands are available in this in-app marketplace. 

Besides all these useful features, this app really shines in its reward features for customers. 

iPhone users may use the smartphone app to redeem credit card points. Additionally, the app will enable iPhones to link Discover cards to the Apple Pay wallets and check their FICO credit scores.


  • Reward system for credit card points
  • Ability to check FICO score
  • “Freeze it” security feature

5 – Ally Mobile

The official app for Ally Financial Inc. (register here) is quite underrated and well worth a try.

“Ally Mobile” – which is the company’s main app – allows consumers to access their bank accounts and all current information.

On all devices, customers can access functions like checking balances, moving money, managing transactions, depositing checks, and using Zelle to send and receive money. 

iPhone users have the upper hand because this company offers an exclusive tool known as Ally Assist, which helps clients develop businesses strategies

Due to the 256-bit encryption Ally uses when transmitting data, the software is simple to use and extremely safe. 


  • Ally Assist exclusive tool
  • Ability to check FICO score
  • Highly Secure

Bottom Line

Mobile banking is a rapidly growing industry with billions of users worldwide. 

The high customer demand requires financial institutes to compete with each other in order to provide the best possible product for the people.

Additionally, banks with a focus on technology will make significant investments to enhance the institution’s services. 

Today, with hundreds of possible technology options that users can choose from, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each app is a must for customers looking to get the best possible experience. 

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