Community-Driven Dogetti Joins Orbeon and Metacade As Top Crypto Presales To Buy Early in 2023


While crypto has become more accessible than ever now, it’s somehow become more complicated than ever at the same time! There are tens of thousands of different crypto projects on the market, all ranging in different prices and being part of different niches. It can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out where you should put your money.

If you have problems with that, presales are exactly for you! As new projects are still being built, you can watch them develop, getting all the information first-hand to really decide if you think it’s worth buying!

Well, if you’re a first-time investor looking for something you can be confident in or a veteran investor looking for a new project that can bring something new to the table, look no further than these three presale projects!

NFTs and Startups with Orbeon

Orbeon Protocol isn’t actually a crypto token, but it does have one built into its system. Orbeon is a protocol, a system that exists within the DeFi ecosystem itself that aims to improve QoL aspects of crypto trading. The market is filled with protocols and networks, all following the path made by Ethereum (ETH) in an attempt to outdo their predecessor by being faster and bigger. What Orbeon does differently is incorporate the trend of NFTs, using them as a form of equity to invest in startups. The world of NFTs is still developing, but what is undeniable about NFTs is their high-value potential. Giving investors the ability to use these to invest in businesses fractionally they would otherwise not be able to afford is revolutionary, which is why so many have been attracted to the project.

Build and Play with Metacade

Metacade (MCADE) is part of the newest trend in crypto, one that is developing fast! Pay to earn games in the metaverse! But rather than being one specific game for players to spend their time grinding to earn tokens from, Metacade aims to offer much more. If it weren’t obvious from the game, the platform would be a Metaverse Arcade, allowing players to pick and choose what they want to play; while still being able to earn the native token no matter what. The community will be able to create these games themselves, which means that not only will you benefit monetarily from these games, but you can see your hard work pay off as others enjoy your creations! The presale is selling out fast, having raised $9 million, with an opportunity to win $125,000 if you join now.

Earn just For Holding with Dogetti

Much like the other presales, Dogetti (DETI) is a presale for another popular type of crypto project, potentially the most popular among investors on this list. Dogetti is a meme coin, just like Dogecoin (DOGE). Meme coins are altcoins that take themselves less seriously, making sure they’re just enjoyable as they are profitable. The niche experiences a boom in popularity a couple of years ago and has been a valuable asset to hold ever since. What sets Dogetti apart from its competitors, though? Family. Yes, really. Dogetti wants every single one of its buyers to feel like they belong to something that is more than just a community; after all, who is more generous than your own family! Through a reflection protocol, 6% of the overall supply will be redistributed with every transaction of $DETI, with 2% being given back to token holders as a reward just for holding. The project will have more to offer, such as an NFT release and other offers, but the ability to earn extra tokens passively is what’s the most attractive about this project.

It launched towards the end of February and is already incredibly close to its stage 1 target of $500,000. The price will be going up extremely soon, and then your chance of buying it that cheap will be gone forever!

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