Collective Shift Announces Massive Expansion Plans in 2022


Melbourne, VIC – Collective Shift announces expansion plans in 2022. Cryptocurrency is evolving from the exception to a norm in the financial industry. While some people have been conservative regarding digital assets, other investors have gone all in. Yet they quickly found out that crypto is a vast realm that moves at the speed of light and has a reasonably steep learning curve. 

People invest in cryptocurrency based on reactive behaviors or fear of missing out on the opportunity to build wealth. Studies have shown that 1 in 3 buyers know little to nothing about the cryptocurrency they have invested in. That makes effective trades, portfolio growth, and identifying profitable opportunities a daunting task.

Ben Simpson was fascinated by cryptocurrency but realized he did not understand its mechanics. He understood that others were facing the same problems, so he began intensive self-education in this modern financial niche. These factors prompted Ben Simpson to found Collective Shift, a cryptocurrency education and research platform designed to optimize Web 3 financial experiences. After just one year, Collective Shift currently has 2000+ members who pay the company monthly for its expertise and guidance. Collective Shift offers buyers and investors access to tools, expert insight, opportunities, and a like-minded community to maximize their crypto portfolios. 

The other members of this powerhouse team are Chief Product Officer Aaron Berghuber and Arman Assadi. Assadi is the Chief Growth Officer of Collective Shift and has previously served as the primary strategist and copywriter for over a dozen 7-figure startups.

Collective Shift grew to over seven figures in revenues in under 12 months driven by it’s unique offerings to its members from around the world. The most popular feature is their “Our Investments” area, where the company invests directly into three different portfolio strategies for people to copy and follow along. The organization’s early-stage crypto portfolio saw a gain of 50% in six months despite falling in the middle of a bear market and stock market slump. As well as their NFT crypto portfolio which has returned over 300% in under six months as well. 

Collective Shift is taking steps for a significant expansion in 2022 as it hopes to increase its membership by offering more resources, education, workshops, and analysis. In addition, the company makes its portfolio and investments transparent in the hopes it will guide others. It is part of the company’s vision of helping people make smarter investment decisions without spending valuable time performing their own research.

Collective Shift is taking strides to become the industry’s default resource for information and strategies on digital asset investment. Building on Simpson’s initial concept, these pioneers want to help millions achieve financial freedom by democratizing wealth for everyone, including education on this complex topic. As cryptocurrency is on the verge of claiming a huge stake in the metaverse, there is no time like the present to grow a company like Collective Shift

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