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Cointraffic is a leading Bitcoin and crypto advertising network operating since 2014, with its base in Tallinn, Estonia. Over the years, it has served both advertisers and publishers in the crypto space, with the aim of connecting the most appropriate audience to blockchain startups and businesses.

Cointraffic is not just about innovative advertising, but also lucrative monetizing solutions for small and large publishers. It follows the CPM (Cost per mile) revenue model, which works equally well for both parties. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand the features and benefits of choosing this platform.

Ad formats on Cointraffic

Cointraffic offers various ad styles to help its clients reach their target audience. Below are some of the popular ad formats.

  • Display Ads: These are traditional crypto banner ads that appear on websites and mobile. Cointraffic offers various sizes of display ads: standart and non-standart ones.
  • Native Ads: Native ads blend seamlessly into the content of a website. They appear like regular content but are labeled as “sponsored” or “advertising.”
  • Sponsored Content: Sponsored content is a type of native advertising that features an article, video, or infographic created by the advertiser. The content is designed to provide value to the reader while promoting the advertiser’s product or service.
  • Pop-Under Ads: Pop-under ads appear in a new browser window behind the current browser window.
  • Notification: The format mimics push notifications.It slides down from the top of the screen on mobile devices and appears in the upper right corner of the page on desktop
  • Press release: Crypto Press releases are meant to target key people in the relevant industry, which can help with increased brand awareness.

Cointraffic for Advertisers

If you are looking to promote a crypto-related project, very few ad networks come close to Cointraffic in terms of advertising. It’s quick and easy to set up a campaign on this platform, and you can expect faster approval than on other ad networks. Besides, there are numerous other benefits, including:

· High-quality targeted traffic from top-notch publishing websites

· Wide selection of ad formats

· High Click Through Rates

· Performance tracking dashboard

· Personal manager for assistance

· 24/7 customer support

Cointraffic for Publishers

If you are a publisher, Cointraffic offers you an exceptional stream of revenue through crypto website monetization. However, it accepts only relevant websites with high-quality content. Any website that is not related to the blockchain or cryptocurrency industry will be rejected. Besides advertising, there are numerous benefits for publishers as well.

· No geographical constraints as long as the website fulfills the criteria

· CPM-based revenue model

· Easy-to-blend ad formats

· Shorter wait time for approval

· Multiple payment methods with fast payment processing

The Bottom Line

Over the years, Cointraffic has grown dramatically as a crypto ad network with clients from across the globe. Publishers like AMBcrypto, Coinspeaker, CryptoMode, NewsBTC,, and Bitcoinist are associated with Cointraffic. It is a trusted choice for many reputed crypto projects and may continue to do so with the quality of services on offer. For more details, you can visit the website.

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