Coinmarketcap “Update” Prevented Access to Crypto Assets Outside of the Top 100

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Ever since Coinmarketcap was acquired by Binance, there has been plenty of controversy. Ranking Binance as the number one exchange is just one instance. Effectively limiting certain tokens from view is something else entirely.

More Coinmarketcap Drama

Several hours ago, a Twitter user claimed how he could only see the top 100 crypto assets by market cap.

This is the main page of the website, yet everything beyond that would not show up.

Moreover, using the manual search function did not yield any results either, as they didn’t show up there.

Limiting the visibility of certain projects is never an acceptable course of action.

According to a spokesperson, Coinmarketcap was performing a site update at the same time.

Why a site update will not let users search for thousands of projects, remains unclear.

Claiming how “some” projects can’t be found is very different from what was going on at the time.

The ongoing lack of transparency and advance communication by Coinmarketcap continues to raise a lot of questions.

Ever since it was acquired by Binance, things have seemingly gone downhill even further. 

Crypto Twitter is not amused by this turn of events, either intentionally or by accident. 

Researching projects outside of the top 100 can often unveil some hidden gems in the industry. 

Various alternatives to Coinmarketcap exist, all with their own unique take on this industry.

In 2017, Coinmarketcap decided to remove all Korean exchange trading volume for no apparent reason. This decision triggered a lot of backlash, and was eventually undone. 

Some people even go far as claiming how CMC is a pure scam, which is a far cry from the truth.

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