CoinMarketCap FUD Sparks $Golden Dump, But Sell-Off Pumped Cryto’s Reserves

Golden Inu Developers Defends The $Golden Token From FUD
Golden Inu Developers Defends The $Golden Token From FUD

A bit of ‘FUD’ from inaccurate comments on CoinMarketCap, seemed to have sparked a $Golden token dump this week.    And while the ‘dump’ was unmerited, it still had one positive effect:  The Golden Inu token is now closer to a $1-to-$3 liquid reserve.   It’s getting closer to the goal of being the most infallible cryptocurrency.  It has the liquid reserves balance to be more stable than Bitcoin [$BTC], Dogecoin [$DOGE], Ethereum [$ETH], and more.

Golden Inu Token’s response

“We do not pay CMC users who essentially extort new coins.  Those new comments FUDing our brand are from dishonest individuals with no credentials,” tweeted Golden Inu today on the matter.

The $Golden token skyrocketed to past US$700,000 in market cap on Monday after being listed on the CMC coin index.   The growth in market capitalization caused the token’s value to shed a zero and nearly double in worth.

Within 48 hours, comments FUDing the brand were posted.  

CryptoLinks Being Hypocritical

“GOLDEN here we go again these scammers should write a book with the title: 1001 Way How to Scam You with INU. We are adding this project to our website in the scam section for sure. AVOID and DYOR “ wrote the CryptoLinks website.

Ironically, CryptoLinks promotes Floki Inu and Dogelon Mars on its front page.  Two tokens that have been marred in controversy.  The site also boasts 28 links at the top of its page to crypto gambling sites, which are obviously paid sponsorships. 

RugCatcher Spreading Misinformation

The user “RugCatcher,”  who’s been wrong on several public comments about cryptocurrency transactions being ’rug pulls’ also commented.  The cryptocurrency brand “$PI” recently called out the RugCatcher for calling a token that’s been locked out of trading, a scam.  

“$PI Nice try to make a fake pump now they [are] selling again, please Run from this scam and slow Rugg. the real value is 0.001$” said Rugcatchter. 

However, it appears the “FUD” spreading user operating only under a catchy pseudonym, didn’t do enough research as the $PI token is no longer able to be traded.   A brand representative appears to have left a simple reply, calling the talk babble and letting the user know the token was already put into an untradeable status.

85% Still Holding Long Term

Regardless of how bad the FUD is on CoinMarketCap, still over 85% of the Golden Inu token’s bag holders from before listing are still holding. 

The users holding the token keep the token’s value up nearly 400% from its initial listing price on PancakeSwap.  

With the “$Golden Dashboard” being released soon, the value of the token should see bullish activity soon, which would also help dispel scam rumors and FUD by showing new growth.

$Golden Token Dump Actually Helps Golden Inu Ecosystem

There has been one unintended effect of the $Golden token dump as well.   Bag holders will be happy to find that 6% of the sell-off went back to the Golden Inu ecosystem’s treasury and liquidity pool.

Most tokens have terrible liquidity and could crash at the face of losing 50% of its market cap as the Golden Inu token just did. However, each sale of the token has a 6% fee.  Half of this goes back to the Liquidity pool and thus far, has put liquid reserves at over 30% of the market cap.     It essentially makes the token infallible.

The other half of the 6% fee goes to the treasury, which is used to pay “Golden Quest” workers.   The qualified professionals and ground level marketers of the platform are being paid from their own fees to build $Golden token using crypto GameFi projects, a marketplace, and a  cross-chain exchange.

In layman’s terms, all sales of the $Golden token ingeniously help build the ecosystem faster.

$Golden Arkad Investors Cashed Out at 700%

Still, some of the original retail investors that are known as ‘Arkads’ to the Golden Inu ecosystem  have simply cashed out for profit.  Original investors of US$500+ pulled profits on whale-like, 700% gains made in under 1 month — without influence from FUD talk.   It was simply an opportunity.  Such trades are typical and logically understandable. Most investments take over 10 years to see such returns. 

However, Golden Inu’s new apps could double and triple community sizes, making even those gains minute.    Either way, at this point, none of the early investors have lost money on the $Golden crypto as it’s still up over +300% since its original listing day, February 25th.  

In the last month Golden Inu [$GOLDEN] token’s value has increased more than Dogecoin [$DOGE], Bitcoin [$BTC], Ethereum [$ETH], Solana [$SOL], Floki Inu [$FLOKI], Shiba Inu [$SHIB], and an additional 92% of the crypto market.  

Furthermore, the token’s liquidity pool can sustain financial systems crunches while others will crumble underneath. Everyone must do their own research, but the scam rumors and FUD appear to be misinformation.

Some will lose money from FUD and others will cut short, maximum opportunities. The key, doing the research on what cryptocurrencies are actually doing to increase use and utility of their token.

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