Coinmarketcap Announces Dogs of Elon ($DOE) Airdrop, CEX Listing Upcoming


Today CoinMarketCap announced the Dogs of Elon Airdrop which anyone can participate in. Dogs of Elon is a cryptocurrency project featuring a collection of NFTs and an ERC20 token called $DOE which users can currently purchase via a presale.

Moreover, the announcement states that each minted NFT will reserve 30% in funds that will be donated to #TeamSeas. #TeamSeas is a charity dedicated to cleaning up our oceans, led by Mr. Beast and Mark Rober – a Former NASA and Apple engineer.


In order to participate in the $DOE airdrop on CoinMarketCap, you have to create an account and complete a set of basic actions such as joining the team’s telegram, retweeting some of their tweets, etc.

$DOE airdrop

After all the actions have been complete, simply enter your Ethereum Wallet Address for a chance to win an NFT. Currently, over 32 thousand people have joined the airdrop which speaks to the volume of interest that surrounds this project.


According to the Dogs of Elon team, the $DOE token will be available as a listing on CEX, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. This announcement will make Dogs of Elon one of the first projects in the industry to announce a CEX listing while still being in pre-sale phase.

CEX.IO ranks #56 by trading volume across all cryptocurrency exchanges, over the past 24 hours over $85 million in cryptocurrency has been traded on CEX. A listing on such a high volume exchange is sure to bring more confidence to those looking to participate in the $DOE presale.


dogs of elon presale

The $DOE presale is only available for 8 more days, the minimum amount you can purchase is 300 $DOE for 0.004 ETH (roughly $17 at the time of writing). Moreover, there are only 108 million remaining $DOE tokens which are running out fast.

In order to participate in the presale you will need a MetaMask or a WalletConnect account with and Ethereum balance in order to complete the purchase.

To find out more about Dogs of Elon visit their website:

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