Coinjer Appears to be Scamming Users With “Free Bitcoin Giveaways”

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There have been dozens of different cryptocurrency scams over the years. Some of those have been more successful than others, for fairly obvious reasons.

Coinjer is one of the newer potential scams on the block, and one that has numerous enthusiasts concerned.

The Dubious Coinjer Exchange

It would appear the company masks itself as a cryptocurrency trading platform.

However, it would appear they are trying to attract users in a rather aggressive manner.

Most users find out about this platform after receiving a message via email or social media.

That message includes how they “won” 0.25 Bitcoin for being part of one of the company’s affiliate discords channels.

Although that may seem like a plausible explanation, it is evident that there is no such thing as a free lunch in the cryptocurrency world.

Coinjer is a website that looks perfectly legitimate, with a semi-professional design.

The “winnings” are then issued to users as part of a promo code, which can be redeemed through one’s account. 

Similar to other scams pursuing this business model,  users need to effectively deposit funds to withdraw anything from the “exchange”. 

Considering how new the website is and how there is no Coinjer company registered in the UK, it is obvious that some people think this is a scam.

The fact that users need to deposit funds to withdraw their “winnings” is another major red flag.

It seems best to avoid this company altogether, as there are plenty of shady aspects. 

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