CoinCorner’s Bitcoin Cashback Service is now Available as a Browser Plugin

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CoinCorner is a UK-based exchange that simply aims to boost cryptocurrency adoption. Recently, the company unveiled its new Bitcoin cashback service. That concept has now been expanded upon by bringing this functionality to browsers directly. 

Earning Bitcoin for Shopping

In the United States, it is very common to be part of cashback services when shopping online or in the real world. More often than not, this is part of one’s payment card’s offering. Earning money back by completing regular purchases has always been a great way to boost overall consumer spending.  Unfortunately, this concept is far less common in the rest of the world. 

With Bitcoin, earning a cashback is not straightforward either. As there is no central service issuing BTC to shoppers, it is up to service providers to enable this functionality. CoinCorner is one of the first – if not THE first – company to do so in the UK.  Earning a Bitcoin cashback when shopping online is now a very real possibility.

Until now, the best way to explore this option was through CoinCorner’s dedicated web page. Functionality-wise, it does the trick, but consumers may forget it exists after a while. Providing this functionality at all times is crucial, which prompted the team to come up with a more convenient solution. 

The Browser Plugin is Here

Launching a native browser plugin will ensure that users automatically receive a Bitcoin cashback on eligible platforms.  At the time of writing, roughly 600 participating retailers offer a cashback of sorts. The plugin will notify users that a cashback is present if they visit any of these companies. This is a non-invasive way to remind users that they are missing out on “free” Bitcoin rewards. 

Clicking the “Activate” button in the plugin’s pop-up notification is sufficient to earn the Bitcoin cashback. This tool does not alter the checkout experience in any way, shape or form. Following the purchase, the eligible amount of BTC will be credited to one’s CoinCorner account automatically.

Starting today, users can download the plugin for their favorite desktop browsers. The plugin works on Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Yandex. Mobile users of the Yandex browser can benefit from this plugin as well. 

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