Coinbase’s new Potential Listings Contain 3 Established Altcoins and Lots of Riff-raff

Coinbase Altcoin Clutter

For many people, Coinbase remains the biggest cryptocurrency exchange for novice users. Others see it as a cesspool that needs to be “deleted”, especially as more altcoins are being supported. 

Coinbase has a very mixed reputation within the cryptocurrency community.

More Useless Altcoins are Coming to Coinbase

For years now, several individuals claim that everyone should ignore this exchange and delete its mobile applications.

Others praise the exchange for openly supporting alternative assets, or altcoins. 

Speaking of which, Coinbase has decided to enable more assets, with 18 candidates being outlined on its blog.

Most of these coins will have no value or serve no real purpose now, or in the future, however. 

Of the new assets under review are the likes of Arweave, COMP, NuCypher, Render Network, and Synthetix. currencies that most people have zero interest in.

On the other hand, the likes of Bancor, Aavge, DigiByte, and Siacoin are in a very different position altogether. 

This does not mean that all assets will be integrated into the platform this year.

Those that prove worthwhile should receive support pretty soon, whereas some may be left off the platform altogether.

Altcoins are often considered to be a “waste of time” by Bitcoin maximalists, as they will not amount to much in the end.

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