Coinbase’s Layer 2 Blockchain Base Achieves Record Daily Active Users

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Coinbase’s layer 2 blockchain, known as “Base”, has marked a significant milestone. Recently, this blockchain’s daily active users surpassed the 100,000 benchmark, a feat achieved merely a day after its official debut.

A Remarkable Influx of Users

According to Dune Analytics data from August 10, the count reached 136,000 daily users. This achievement registers the highest daily figure since the network’s inception and aligns perfectly with its second public unveiling. It’s worth noting that, on the same day, a substantial 30% were newcomers to the Base platform. That equates to nearly 42,000 individuals, though the record remains at over 60,000 on July 31.

In another insightful revelation, CryptoRank disclosed on August 10 that Base now holds the 4th position in daily transactions per second. That places Base behind renowned layer 2 solutions such as zkSync Era, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Journey of Base: From Inception to Success

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Having officially entered the market on August 9, Coinbase labeled this venture as the beginning of the “Onchain Summer”. Previously, on February 23, Base was introduced in a beta version. This announcement led many crypto enthusiasts to predict a promising potential for the platform. They believed that Coinbase’s vast user pool could facilitate the platform in welcoming more individuals into Web3 protocols.

The mainnet version of the network, explicitly tailored for developers, was launched on July 13. However, the development team had cautioned that it wasn’t fully prepared for mainstream users.

Currently, the array of Base users’ features is diverse and innovative. They can transfer Ether to Base, interact with a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, and facilitate payments via a web-based application. Furthermore, they can register a “.base” username or even kickstart a decentralized autonomous organization.

Coinbase’s Base is not just another addition to the crypto universe. It signifies the future of decentralized platforms and how they’re evolving to meet user demands. With its rising user base and robust features, Base seems poised to redefine the crypto ecosystem’s landscape.

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