Coinbase Wallet integrates with Transak, leading crypto adoption in SEA region 

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Among the Southeast Asian (SEA) region, the Philippines and Thailand stand out as two nations were high ranking in DeFi, retail, and centralized crypto use go hand-in-hand with a lack of easy-to-use technology to propel that change. 

Even as crypto transactions skyrocket by 71% to $2B in the Philippines and 3.62M cryptocurrency owners are based in Thailand, numerous barriers like high fees and lack of intuitive user experience stand in the way of innovation.

What would happen if those barriers were removed? 

Transak, a Web3 infrastructure solution that unlocks fiat on-ramp to purchase crypto easily from Thailand, the Philippines, and other 100+ countries worldwide, is soon to find out the answer.  Today, the company announced that they are integrating with Coinbase Wallet, all while using already established payment methods that Transak has partnered with. 

Transak uses API-driven solutions to enable Web3 platforms like Coinbase to onboard users to 130+ crypto assets from 125+ countries, now including the Philippines and Thailand. While connecting the global crypto economy, they also remove the challenges of user KYC, payment methods,  risk monitoring, compliance, and customer support. 

Coinbase Wallet is a globally known and trusted self-custody wallet that gives users complete control of their assets. With over 100 million verified users spanning the globe, Coinbase is on a mission to provide access to Web3 to every corner of the world.

What does this integration mean for crypto enthusiasts in the two countries and, more globally, for the SEA region? Transak combines its mission and technology to overcome local challenges and jumpstart more global solutions in Web3. They give key players in the SEA crypto landscape tools for mass blockchain adoption and even more opportunities for revolutionizing Web3. 

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