Coinbase Receives License In Singapore – Opens Door For in South East Asia


Recent news indicated a bullish potential for Coinbase and the wider crypto industry. That’s because Singapore recently granted a license for crypto exchange giant Coinbase, opening the door for crypto to flourish across South East Asia.

As the region’s financial capital, entry into Singapore is an important first step for crypto to start flourishing more in the area, one that has previously been resistant to digital finance. And with improved prospects for crypto trading in Singapore and beyond, many other crypto projects could follow Coinbase’s lead and start making an impact in South East Asia. One of those that’s primed for potential growth is Uniglo (GLO). Here’s why:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is one of the best new projects to enter the crypto space, and it has a remarkable set of deflationary features that make it primed for growth. This comes at a time when inflation is becoming a massive issue for the global economy, as you may have noticed if you’ve been following the current situation. With interest rates rising and a recession on its way, more investors are looking for the deflationary strength that cryptos like Uniglo can bring to their portfolios.

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With Uniglo’s innovative GLO vault, a range of assets are stored to provide a solid base price and robust asset-backed store of value; something fiat currencies lost long ago when they de-pegged from gold. These investments are diversified into a range of assets like NFTs, cryptos, and digital gold to ensure GLO isn’t over-reliant on any product to succeed and is entirely resistant to over-speculation or pumps and dumps.

GLO also becomes more scarce over time thanks to its dual-burn mechanism. This destroys more tokens than any other project and adds to its deflationary credentials.


With the most vigorous deflationary measures in crypto, GLO is primed for growth. It’s also available at a discount during pre-sale for a short while longer, making now the perfect time to add it to your portfolio. If you want strong growth and solid gains from a model that’s built to beat inflation, GLO could be a perfect choice. Its prospects look improved in South East Asia, thanks to the recent trading licence granted to Coinbase in Singapore.

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