Coinbase Integrates PYUSD, PayPal’s New Stablecoin: What You Need to Know

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Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has just unveiled its plan to include PayPal’s fresh-off-the-oven stablecoin, PYUSD, in its trading list. Here’s a comprehensive look at what this means for crypto enthusiasts and the wider digital currency market.

Coinbase Sets Date for PayPal’s Stablecoin Trading

Coinbase has earmarked August 31 as the kickoff date for PYUSD trading. However, this is contingent on liquidity prerequisites being in check. The company’s official tweet clarifies that trading activities will commence on or after 9 AM PT. Rollouts will occur progressively, focusing initially on the PYUSD-USD trading pairs. Notably, certain regions might encounter trading restrictions.

Coinbase’s recent acknowledgment comes shortly after its subtle hint last week about incorporating PYUSD. This newly minted stablecoin will join Coinbase’s platform under the ‘experimental’ banner. Assets receiving this label are typically either new entrants or have yet to achieve the trade volumes that more seasoned assets boast on Coinbase’s crypto stage. Understanding that this ‘experimental’ tag isn’t permanent is crucial. Assets are subject to review, and the label may be stripped should they outgrow the stipulated criteria.

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PayPal didn’t embark on this journey alone. Teaming up with Paxos, the partnership gave birth to the PYUSD stablecoin earlier this month. This digital asset has since graced the listings of other prominent exchanges, such as Huobi, Kraken, and However, the adoption rate of PYUSD hasn’t met expectations. Currently, its total supply hovers around the 43 million mark.

Demand and Credibility Concerns Surrounding PYUSD

A recent analysis by Nansen painted a lukewarm reception for PYUSD among the crypto community. Speculations are rife that PayPal might target a unique demographic with its stablecoin, causing subdued demand. Moreover, prospective buyers should exercise caution. Multiple scams masquerade as genuine PYUSD offerings. Purchasing only from PayPal directly or established crypto trading platforms is imperative.

Including the stablecoin on Coinbase is undoubtedly significant news in the crypto world. While it carries the ‘experimental’ label, only time will tell how this stablecoin fares among its peers. Always ensure your transactions are secure, and rely on credible platforms.

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