Clawing back the gains: Will Terra Luna be replaced by (GNOX) as a top 10 crypto?


After nosediving in the past weeks, Terra Luna has wiped out almost its investors’ wealth in just a few hours. LUNA is still dropping, but the market’s focus has shifted to Gnox, another coin with impressive potential in the DeFi sector.

Gnox aims to be a forerunner in the DeFi sector by laying the groundwork for the next generation of reflection tokens. 

By analyzing and constantly upgrading the existing version, Gnox has identified a market gap where treasury funds can be used to assist users in ways other than a flat proportion of all transactions.

Gnox’s treasury is a multi-signature protected vault in which the majority of its stable coins, DeFi LP tokens, and NFTs will be stored. As their treasury grows, so will their purchasing power. This increases their ability to offer more unique features and to generate more rewards for their holders.

While existing traditional banks average less than 2 percent interest, Gnox’s advantage is obvious when they use their strategies across numerous pools delivering up to 50% APR.

Gnox is a decentralized platform whose main purpose is to bridge the crypto-fiat divide by demonstrating the benefits and ease of use of its protocol to everyday users.

It attempts to make DeFi earning as simple and seamless as possible to support the protocol’s ongoing growth, and it is infinitely scalable and suited for both novice and expert investors.

The Gnox is the world’s first reflection project to invest in DeFi yield earning protocols for its users using its own treasury. They believe in rewarding long-term holders/users by delivering a passive income for users proportional to what the treasury produces over time.

Gnox holders have many options for earning additional income. Their referral system enables users to refer their connections and get rewarded for it. If the person referred purchases $the token, they will get 10 percent off their first transaction.

Gnox has KYC approval from industry leaders and has been carefully vetted by the biggest names in smart contract security.

To produce an amazing solution, Gnox employs a huge staff of blockchain developers, marketing specialists, DeFi strategists, market analysts, and community support.

Given its recent attention in the crypto world, Gnox remains a highly anticipated project. The hype surrounding the token has grown in recent weeks, with various media outlets reporting on its exciting launch.

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