City Of Gold created to stop homelessness and help organize a new standard of living for society


H4U C0. is set to help provide a stable standard of living that includes permanent housing. H4U Co. took a giant step forward to change housing situations for homeless people; The team has launched a crypto token called City of Gold (COG).

The City Of Gold (COG) token was created to help society erase the problem of homelessness. Founded by Darren Lyman; City Of Gold (COG) is a crypto-token network where tokens are accumulated for the vision within each use. The vision is to help create a stable standard of living within society that includes permanent housing through partnerships with Governments, housing developers, material suppliers, investors, musicians, the general population and emerging blockchain technologies. 

Recent studies report hundreds of millions of people worldwide are homeless but the number is ultimately unmeasurable. Individuals experiencing homelessness are restricted access to resources. Homeless individuals don’t have access to nourishment, health services and are unprotected from extreme weather events like snow, rain or heat. Homelessness is systematic and the cycle needs to end. 

The vision is international in scope. H4U Co. is presently forming the first partnership in its own backyard with the city of Denver, Colorado, and is considering two significant projects. The first is to rehabilitate a Sheridan hotel (the city of Denver already owns) into housing for the homeless. The second is city obtention and renovation of the vacant Rock Bar hotel on Colfax Ave in Denver, CO into housing for the homeless. Details: 

H4U Co. has also partnered with world renowned music and event promoter Feyline Enterprises LLC. Feyline will bring marketing partnerships with musicians and events for City Of Gold (COG) token promotions worldwide. As H4U Co. forms new partnerships with cities, counties, countries, housing developers, material suppliers and exchanges, Feyline will reach out to international and local musicians creating promotional launch events. Details: 

The City Of Gold (COG) token is promising in terms of regulation and security. It has passed an audit by Soken Blockchain Security Solutions and Token Sniffer, making it very transparent and trustworthy. The City Of Gold token follows strict and effective tokenomics and is receiving support from many internationally. The total capped supply of the City of Gold (COG) token is 1,800,000,000. The token has a 15% slippage fee on every transaction; 8% is designated for use aligned within the City Of Gold (COG) vision. 5% is split between the current City Of Gold (COG) wallet holders and the remaining 2% is burned. According to the developers the current count of burned tokens sits at 64,701,633.838663 (Log). 

The City Of Gold (COG) token is listed on prominent token exchanges including SushiSwap, DODOex, PancakeSwap, AZbit, and Indoex. The team also mentions that they have already submitted requests for listing on CoinBase, Gemini,, Kraken, HotBit, Bittrex, BitStamp, BitFinex, Okex and currently completing listings on Bitmart, Probit,, LATOKEN, P2PB2B

With the implementation envisioned, the City of Gold (COG) token is an excellent modern funding initiative that can comfort society. Its founder believes providing a standard of living that includes permanent housing can improve the quality of life in society and comfort of the community. The vision encourages everyone to be a part of it including Governments, housing developers, material suppliers, musicians, investors and anyone interested. The founder says “Let’s formulate a partnership effort and make homelessness history. With one more step forward, join the team and help make this world a better place.” 

Join the team

Until now “the team” has been Darren Lyman with assistance from attorneys and tax advisors. The vision is too large to start with family and friends as board members. Darren is looking for directors to join in all aspects related to this project; Compliance, Governance, Crypto Growth, Marketing, Market Coordination, Material Supplier Partnerships, Construction, Remodeling, Maintenance Operations, Building and Land Management. 

Dream candidates include: Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin, President Barack Obama, President Donald Trump, Prince Charles of Wales, Prime Minister Julie Bishop, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Meg Whitman, Bill Nelson, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Angie Hicks, Mark Zuckerberg, Billie Eilish & others listed at

If you know a candidate for one of these positions please forward this request. Help build the vision and dream team! Thanks. Details: 


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