Citi Ventures Invest $6M Into Startup Xalts – Attracts Angel Investors, Overtaking Tamadoge And Big Eyes In Presale


Recent news indicates that investments are continuing into credible crypto projects. Despite the current bearish sentiment, investment capital still sees a considerable future in digital finance, and this long-term appeal could soon turn the market into a bull run. Digital asset firm Xalts recently saw an influx of investment funds totaling $6m. Newcomer Uniglo has also started attracting investment and has strong potential for the future of crypto.

This news is exactly what the crypto world has been looking for, as the last few months haven’t been easy for many projects. But the long-term future for digital finance still seems bright. If you agree with major investment funds, now might be the perfect time to pick up projects which could be mainstays of the financial world for years to come.

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is the strongest new crypto the DeFi space has ever seen, and it has been continuing to outpace rivals while nearing the end of its final presale phase. Notably, there’s still time left to invest if you want to get in early and enjoy the growth of a token from the ground up. Uniglo (GLO) gives investors complete peace of mind and a base price they can rely on thanks to a diversified vault of assets that prevents it from pump and dumps while making it completely deflationary. These deflationary credentials are improved by GLO’s radical dual-burn mechanism, which continues to make it more scarce over time. All of these reasons and more are why GLO could be the perfect investment for you.


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Xalts is a major global investment firm that prioritizes digital finance and gives regular investments access to its benefits. It also develops a range of solutions and platforms that aim to become an even more integral part of the digital space and part of a future of institutional-grade digital asset investing.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is one of the hottest new crypto projects to arrive on the scene in recent weeks. It’s touted as a better version of DOGE and SHIB and a memecoin with real fundamental strength and high-end tokenomics. It’s got its own virtual game, a unique metaverse, NFT functionality, and more, and it could become one of the most popular investment options in crypto over the next few months.

Big Eyes (BIG)

This innovative crypto project just finished its second presale stage and managed to amass a market cap of $3.2million. As a community-owned DeFi coin, BIG focuses on cartoony branding and has a unique set of artwork features. It could have more mainstream appeal than many other crypto projects and isn’t boring, so it might be the right investment for you.


BIG and TAMA have strong futures in the space, but their recent performance has been beaten by Uniglo (GLO) in presale. It could soon rival the size of the likes of Xalts, even without major individual investors.

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