Chronoly (CRNO) Token Is Up 300% while Hex Coin (HEX) continues to struggle


After the big collapse, many investors have had a hard time; nevertheless, the entire market has risen again – it seems like holders have started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand, many coins suffered massive losses; for example, Bitcoin (BTC) went from roughly $40.000 to $30.000 in less than 30 days.

Hex Coin (HEX) fell more than 50% less than a month, and so did almost every coin during this period. However, there was one exception, Chronoly (CRNO), which went up 300% in its presale by going from $0.01 to $0.04. Chronoly (CRNO) has many experienced investors excited and has been described as “collapse proof” – here’s why.

Will Hex Coin (HEX) regain its momentum?

Hex Coin (HEX) is an ERC20 token released on the Ethereum network. As the blockchain analog to the Certificate of Deposit used in traditional financial markets, HEX is intended to be a store of value. In addition, HEX is also intended to leverage the Ethereum network’s emerging DeFi (Decentralised Finance) ecosystem in cryptocurrencies.

The current HEX price is $0.08, and the 24-hour trading volume is around 16 million. In the past 24 hours, HEX has increased 16%. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #201, with a live market cap of roughly 13 billion USD. The circulating supply is over 170 million HEX coins, and the available supply is unknown.

HEX Coin (HEX) is struggling very hard to regain its momentum. Since touching the highest price level of $0.4867 in September 2021, the coin has not gained back to that point. As a result, it is heading to the base price, and many experts claim it will happen soon. Nevertheless, yesterday’s market recovery has helped Hex Coin (HEX) a lot – now it’s open to see if the trend will continue bullish or go the other direction. 

Chronoly (CRNO) is heading upwards

While crypto markets have faced a severe hit these past weeks, the Chronoly (CRNO) token has gained value by going from $0.01 to $0.04. The project is independent of the price movements of a market leader like BTC, which could make it a safer alternative. Chronoly (CRNO) is about branded pre-owned watches, where users will be able to invest in fractions and later trade them in a marketplace. Holders may earn a passive income by staking their tokens in the lending pool. 

A live watch lottery will be run every month, with CRNO holders’ winning rewards, and there will be three lucky winners in each lottery draw. The top reward will be getting a Rolex, and second and third place will receive cash in USDT. Chronoly (CRNO) additionally extended the borrowing function. You may instantly borrow money against the watch NFTs at competitive interest rates. 

Hex Coin (HEX) is different from Chronoly (CRNO), since HEX is a financial coin, while CRNO is a utility-based token. Furthermore, as per analysis, the price of HEX has lost its value, while CRNO has grown by over 300%. Above all, CRNO is a well-suited alternative to HEX. Crypto minds have anticipated the price of CRNO to rise more than 100x after the official release at the end of July, so make sure to be quick. 





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