Chronocatz NFTs Surge: Azuki NFTs and Doodles NFT Investors Suffer Sell-Off


Amid the bear market in the cryptocurrency and NFT spaces, there are still some NFT collections that are worth including in your portfolio to fetch you a decent return on your investments. Chronocatz NFTs, Azuki NFTs, and Doodles NFT are three great NFT projects with long-term sustainability. While Chronocatz NFTs surge in floor prices, investors holding the duo of Azuki NFTs and Doodles NFT suffer a sell-off.

Ahead, you will learn what the respective teams are doing to improve their market values and attract investors.

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OpenSea Relists Azuki NFTs Following a Technical Error

OpenSea recently delisted Azuki NFTs due to an error in their Safety and Trust flagging system, but has made bold its plans to relist the asset in its marketplace. OpenSea’s action affected the price performance of Azuki NFTs, causing the asset to suffer a sell-off.

According to the Azuki NFTs team, “this is not the first time OpenSea has delisted NFTs from its marketplace. In June, OpenSea delisted Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs whilst also dealing with an email data breach. Just like with the case of our assets, the matter got resolved in a few hours.”

Azuki is an NFT collection. The project has a total of 10,000 NFTs minted and held by 5029 unique owners. Data shows that the total market cap of the project stands at $150,941,089.31. As of press time, Azuki NFTs traded for $15,094.11 with a 24 hour sales volume of 1065.06 ETH ($1,376,938.50).

Doodles NFT Announce a Miami Golf Event

In the last 24 hours, Doodles NFTs suffered a 2.66% loss, prompting investors to sell-off their assets for viable projects like Chronocatz. To change the narratives, the Doodles NFT team recently announced that they plan to organize a Miami Golf Event this coming winter. The event will be held specifically between December 2nd and 3rd in Wynwood, Miami.

According to the team, “The Doodles golf event will offer a chance to meet NFT friends. After not tweeting for the entirety of August until mid-September, Doodles is making up for the lost time.” Also, the Doodles NFT team announced on September 13th that it received close to $54 million of equity funding from the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, and other big firms.

Despite the bear market that rocked both the crypto and NFT spaces, Doodles NFT has risen in popularity in the last 5 months. The 10,000 colorful NFTs burst onto the scene a year ago and have been growing steadily as a community. The Miami Golf Event will give investors an opportunity to interact with golf lovers from across the world.

According to CoinMarketCap, the current floor price of Doodles is 7.38 ETH and the 24 hour trading volume is 67.811 ETH with 5 sales.

Chronocatz NFTs Surge, Get Investors’ Attention

Chronocatz is an NFT collection released by the team behind the world famous Chronoly, an Ethereum-powered marketplace where you can buy, sell, trade, and fractionally invest in luxury watches. Chronocatz is a unique collection of 7,777 NFTs depicting feline avatars that are characterised by their mix of attire, fur, accessories and other traits. The most important trait by far is the real-world luxury timepiece the Chronocatz NFT can be seen wearing. The type of watch will dictate the rarity of the NFT via a tiered system (1-6).This grants holders access to a private members’ watch club popularly known as the “Chrono Wealth Club.” Club members enjoy exclusive access to discounts, private watch auctions, staking bonuses and dedicated watch concierge services, depending on their tier.

Since Chronocatz NFTs was launched, it has attracted massive success, with experts predicting that in the coming week it will offer a 100% ROI. Azuki NFTs and Doodles NFT investors are dumping the projects for a viable alternative like Chronocatz NFTs. According to the Chronocatz roadmap, the phase one and phase two private mint and whitelist have sold out, selling over 2,100 NFTs. The public mint is now live and ends in 18 days.

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