Chronocatz NFTs Soar: Kitaro World And CLONE X Suffer Losses


Play2Earn games and NFT collections are the new money-spinning adventures these days, with new games and NFT collections hitting the NFT marketplace regularly. The choice of which NFT collection to invest in to earn a decent return on investment can be overwhelming for the average investor, and that’s why we decided to review the performances of these three NFT collections – Chronocatz NFTs, Kitaro World, and CLONE X.

From a market standpoint, Chronocatz NFTs has gained significantly in the last 48 hours of trading, but the duo of Kitaro World and CLONE X have suffered some losses.

Let’s dive deeper to see how these NFT collections are faring on the market and the journey so far.

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Chronocatz NFTs – A New Entry Into The NFT market

Chronocatz is a new NFT collection that was recently launched on the market. Chronocatz came with much excitement and potential that will revolutionize the entire global NFT marketplace. The Chronocatz team aims to put more money in investors’ pockets.

Chronocatz is a collection of 7,777 unique cats from the team behind Chronoly, a watch NFT marketplace where you can buy, sell, and fractionally invest in luxury watches for as low as $10. The unique cats wear different wristwatches, accessories, fur, and clothes. Chronocatz holders are granted access to a private members’ watch club known as “Chrono Wealth Club.” Members of the club enjoy a wide range of benefits, including staking bonuses, private watch auctions, exclusive discounts, and dedicated watch concierge services.

According to Chronocatz roadmap, the phase one and phase two private mint and whitelist have sold out, with phase two selling over 1300 NFTs. Public mint is now live and currently selling.

Kitaro World Targets Universal Holders

Kitaro World suffered some losses in the last 24 hours of trading. The loss may not be unconnected to the performance of big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, amid the bear market. At its core, Kitaro is a collection of 7,777 storytelling NFTs held by 3086 unique owners, exploring various known multiverses in an adventure to unlock secrets of their ancestry.

According to available data, Kitaro World (KITARO) trades at a floor price of $259.70 with a 24 hour sales volume of 34.7 ETH. The project has a total market cap of $2,019,714.74.

CLONE X Engages In Massive Media Campaigns

The CLONE X team has re-echoed its stand on the need to partner with social media influencers to attract aggregators and improve the performance of the NFT collection. In the last 48 hours, CLONE X suffered some losses, which caused holders to lose some portions of their holdings.

Clone X was launched in November 2021 with the sole aim of revolutionizing the crypto and NFT space. A combination of factors came together to enable the NFT community at large to embrace this new project with open arms. Available data indicates that the current price floor of Clone X is 8.1 ETH and the 24 hour trading volume is 183.02 ETH with 19 sales

As Chronocatz is a new entry into the market, investors that jump on the bandwagon early will enjoy massive ROI when the project gains traction.

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