Chronocatz and ApeCoin Two NFTs with a Difference


The world of NFTs is ever-changing, with millions of people all over the world buying into this new asset. There have already been lots of money invested into NFTs such as Flyfish and Dribblie, but new and exciting NFTs are being launched regularly with imaginative imagery sure to stir up passions among NFT collectors.

Many of the most recent NFTs follow a similar formula, however there are certain new projects with innovations that are ahead of the pack, and two of the ones gaining in popularity in recent times are Chronocatz and ApeCoin. Let’s take a closer look at both here.

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Tokens That Will Make You Go Ape!

ApeCoin too is an excellent avenue to go down too if you’re looking for a blend of unique crypto and web3, whether that’s events and art or entertainment and online gaming. The capability of ApeCoin hasn’t really been tapped into in any great measure so far, but with a fixed amount of tokens at one billion, there is definitely room for this blockchain to take off in a big way.

The total supply is never going to increase or be altered, as there is no capability to mint new tokens via the interface. It can never be decreased either, as no functionality to burn tokens exists within the code.

ApeCoin is still in its infancy, but the possibilities are potentially unlimited when metaverse applications are considered, and those already holding tokens do so because of its decentralised nature, being controlled and built by the community themselves.

When you are a partaker in ApeCoin, you are guaranteed access to specific sections of this new fiscal infrastructure that would otherwise be unobtainable, for example access to services, online games, real-world events and of course, merch.

Add Some Bling To Your Paws!

If you have a love for cats and a love for watches, then Chronocatz is for you. The entire collection comprises 7,777 different cats, each with its own unique look and charm, and of course, each one of them is adorned with bling in the form of a luxury timepiece.

The merger of cats and luxury timepieces is wonderful classic NFT madness, but what is really appealing is that each one of these is linked directly to a luxury watch in the real world, giving it wealth and intrinsic value unlike many other tradeable NFTs.

Chronocatz owners are given access to the coveted Chrono Wealth Club and a tiered member reward system. Some of the rewards on offer include auctions, NFT drops not open to the general public and staking yields.

As Chronocatz seeks to build a bridge between NTFs and tangible assets, it is bringing something extra to the table of decentralized tech which is proving highly popular. Sure, the NFTs themselves are a piece of desirable modern art with a selection of styles and accessories, but the luxury watch takes things a step further.

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