China’s Hainan Province Cracks Down On Illegal Crypto Token Issuance


Many people continue to focus on China will handle cryptocurrency activity in the future. Even though there is no official ban in place-  nor plans to introduce one – every bit of news will be scrutinized. The recent developments in the province of Hainan will undoubtedly get some people riled up.

Hainan Province Issues A Warning

Following the recent incorrect “ban” rumors for cryptocurrency in China, it remains essential to keep an eye on local proceedings. Any decision made by Chinese officials can send the market in a spiral pretty quickly. What is happening in the southern province of Hainan will not necessarily worry too many people. That said, it remains an intriguing development given the recent proceedings.

Local financial regulators have issued an official warning to investors regarding illegal fundraising schemes. Those schemes apparently involve cryptocurrency or blockchain, although no further details are known today. Cracking down on illegal activity is always beneficial,  regardless of which form of money or technology it involves. 

According to Reuters, there is an illegal token issuance going on in Hainan province. Whether this is a project or a platform facilitating this behavior remains uncertain. The people responsible for the issues use terms such as”virtual currency” and “blockchain” to attract local investors. Issuing crypto tokens in China has been deemed illegal years ago; thus, cracking down on this activity is paramount.

Local regulators closely monitored the situation and issued this warning to deter more investments. They also advise financial institutions not to engage in the business of exchange between legal tender and virtual currencies today or in the future. Moreover, no institution can act as a central counterparty to sell or buy such tokens. Nothing new under the sun there, as trading crypto in China is a tough task today.

Does China Even Matter?

That is a question more people need to ask themselves today. China has not played any important role in cryptocurrency for years. Any events or changes taking place in that country have no impact on the markets, even though many people still panic over everything. China lost its market position years ago to South Korea, a county that remains open-minded toward crypto assets.

This crackdown in Hainan Province will not make much difference either. However, preventing criminals from defrauding investors is something everyone can applaud. It doesn’t matter where this crackdown is happening. Anyone trying to give cryptocurrency a bad name or use it for nefarious purposes needs to be removed from the equation through legal means. 

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