China’s Center for Information and Industry Development Rankings Still Make No Sense in 2020

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China’s Center for Information and Industry Development publishes rankings for cryptocurrency projects. Several publications in, and the rankings still don’t make too much sense. Especially the latest list will undoubtedly raise some questions. 

New China’s Center for Information and Industry Development Rankings

A little explanation is necessary for those unfamiliar with the CCIID rankings. The agency looks closely at all of the different blockchains tied to cryptocurrency projects. It then evaluates the necessary technology, its applicability, and creativity. Based on those figures, a total ‘rating” is the result. The Center ranks all cryptocurrency projects based on their entire “index” rating. 

In the latest update, China’s Center for Information and Industry Development puts together an intriguing list. The order these projects are in will undoubtedly spark debates among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. To be expected, as they make little to no sense to most people. However, the rankings do provide an overview of which projects may be worth keeping an eye on. 

CryptoMode CCIID Rankings
Source: CryptoDiffer

According to China’s Center for Information and Industry Development, EOS remains the top cryptocurrency blockchain. Thanks to its core technology netting high marks, the project stays ahead of Ethereum, IOST, Tron, and Stellar. It is interesting to note the top 4 remains unchanged from the previous edition of these rankings. Seeing IOST and Tron in the top four is very strange, for many different reasons.

Even GXChain ranks ahead of Bitcoin, even though that ecosystem has little to no creativity. Bitcoin has the highest marks for creativity yet gets punished on the “core technology” front. A very unusual approach, given Bitcoin’s position in the cryptocurrency space. It may not be the most potent blockchain, but it is the only one most people will recognize.

Completing the ten are Tezos, Qtum, and Cosmos.

Looking Further Down the List

According to China’s Center for Information and Industry Development, other top blockchain ecosystems are all less valuable. More specifically, it ranks the likes of Bitshares, Lisk, and Steem ahead of Ontology, Litecoin, Waves, and Monero. Keeping in mind how all these ecosystems target very different users makes it difficult to compare one with the other. It makes these rankings even weirder than they already are.

Fans of Stratis, Zilliqa, and Cardano will not be too happy to see these projects outside of the top 30 on the CCIID rankings.  Bitcoin Cash is ranked 34th, just ahead of Bytecoin. 

Furthermore, a lot of projects rank outside of the top 35. How the CCIID calculates these figures is beyond most people’s comprehension. The list is merely an indicator of the sentiment among a handful of Chinese officials. It is not a representation of how powerful, useful, or innovative the listed – and unraked-  projects are. 

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