China Wants it CBDC to Work Both Online and Offline

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Many people are wondering what the future will hold for China’s upcoming digital currency. While many facets remain uncertain right now, it is evident that it will be sued in an offline manner as well.

Similar to other countries, China wants a native digital currency.

The Future of a CBDC in China

In this modern day and age, that makes a lot of sense.

Most of the financial activities have already moved to the online space, thus it is normal to see money do the same.

Very few aspects of China’s central bank digital currency are known at this time.

One interesting bit of information came to light in recent days.

It would appear that this currency can be used both online and offline.

All of this is based on some recent screenshots that have begun surfacing on Twitter this week.

It would also appear that trials related to this CBDC will begin in the near future.

The initial stage will mainly focus on the mobile space, with the help of various Chinese telecom operators.

Depending on the success of that trial, China may beat the rest of the world to market.

For now, it is crucial to remember that this currency will only be made available to whitelisted customers in specific regions across China.

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