Cherry Network’s Next-gen Web3 Mainnet Launched

CryptoMode Cherry Network

Cherry Network has successfully launched their next-generation blockchain platform providing the first truly trustless bridge between decentralized file sharing and smart contracts. Most of the current providers of these services don’t take full advantage of Web3 itself, but this is not the case for Cherry Network.

Cherry has built a highly-scalable, privacy-assuring decentralized network that is governed by Cherry Network’s DAO. An essential feature of Web3 platforms, Cherry’s DAO places critical decisions in the hands of the community ensuring that the blockchain is indeed decentralized. 

Cherry co-founder Herman Jacobs, in charge of leading the technical and business responsibilities of the project, has brought together a highly-experienced team from around the crypto space. Together, they have worked to ensure that Cherry Network will nurture the development of secure, transparent, and scalable next-generation Web3 projects.

Cherry Network is interoperable with EVM compatible blockchains ensuring that users can securely bridge their crypto assets and developers can easily begin building on the blockchain. Following the mainnet launch, multiple projects will utilize the platform’s developer tools and resources with the expectation that more than 100 projects will be developing on the chain by the end of the year.

Cherry Network has already witnessed development from such projects as Seedling – a retail investment launchpad, Cherish – a Web3 content creation platform, and Unigate – a crypto payment service.

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