Checkmate! Judge Rules in Coinbase’s Favor, Sparks New Ethereum Bull Run Talk & Catalyzes ERC-20 ICO Presale

Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum Coin and Blockchain
Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum Coin and Blockchain

A US judge has ruled in Coinbase’s favor, requiring the United States SEC to respond in 7 days to a monumental petition for ‘regulatory clarity’ filed in 2022 by the top crypto exchange.     The ruling is a major win for all cryptocurrency industries as it shows the SEC has not done their job,  if they wish to call crypto of any sort a ‘security.’     

As this occurs, some analysts predict the price of Ethereum could see one of the biggest increases from such a ruling.  A new bull run. The ruling helps continue the fight for privacy and freedom from financial institutions for the world’s top crypto with a visible founder & various Decentralized finance plans.

Machine learning technology predicts the Ethereum coin [$ETH] could reach as high as $1980 by June 30th.    This would be an impressive price to reach in less than 30 days.  Currently the $ETH token is valued at US$1,861 and such a growth would be a +7% ROI on today’s investors in the token.

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Investment firm VanEck says Ethereum could be as high as US$50,000 in less than 8 years, citing 2030 as the ‘milestone year.’   Such a price on $ETH would mean over a 25x return on investment from today.

The Ethereum blockchain network is also seeing trickle down effects of the good news.  In particular the Golden Inu Token, a ‘top new crypto to invest’ per a article in May, is seeing a spike in its new ICO presale activity.


Crypto shrimps have been investing $100 to $300 daily into the new ERC-20 token initial coin offering, signaling a growing interest in the fledgling cryptocurrency.  A steady inflow of investment, that’s creating the necessary funding for a potentially “major” new play-to-earn crypto game, $Golden Inuverse.

No whales aka smart money have appeared to invest in the project yet, but it’s possible this could happen at any moment.  Recent discussions on popular Chinese cryptocurrency group chats on Telegram and reddit groups appear to be sparking interest from even larger audiences.

The Golden Inu ICO presale will give investors an immediate +25% yield on investment once the initial coin offering ends and it is live for public trading on Uniswap.    Some analysts suspect the “$Golden inuverse” game will have a major impact on the token’s value, possibly reaching +10,000% higher than the presale price.

Golden Inu having major success will also help fuel the $ETH token’s predicted bull run.    An ERC20 token,  the “Shiba Inu Killer” is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Jack Dorsey, founder of twitter, seems to disagree with the Ethereum predictions however.    The co-founder of The Bitcoin Academy, alongside Jay-Z, has said publicly that the $ETH token is indeed ‘security.’ 

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