Charitable Endeavours: BNB, Cardano, and Big Eyes Coin’s Commitment To Making The World A Better Place


With the current state of affairs, the world is struggling. Not every child has access to education, global warming is causing natural disasters to occur frequently, and inflation is leaving a large portion of the population in poverty. So, what are cryptocurrencies doing to combat these global issues?

BNB (BNB) and Cardano (ADA) are two cryptocurrencies committed to charitable causes. Cardano devotes a portion of funds toward planting trees to attempt to reverse the effects of climate change by the cryptocurrency market. BNB has also shown its commitment to charity, hosting the Binance Charity that uses blockchain solutions for social change.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new cryptocurrency that looks to follow in the footsteps of these crypto giants, dedicating a significant portion of its funds to charities associated with protecting marine life. This editorial piece will examine each cryptocurrencies commitment to charity and other benefits of their ecosystems. Let’s begin!

Riding The Big Eyes Coin Wave

If you haven’t heard by now, there is a new cryptocurrency that has garnered a lot of attention. Big Eyes Coin is in the fifth stage of its highly anticipated presale, raising $8 million at the time of writing. The success of this coin seems limitless, as it keeps smashing boundaries with each presale stage.

So, what are Big Eyes Coin doing for charity? As you may have noticed, the Big Eyes mascot is a cute cat with an Anime design. While the Anime design appeals to the growing population of Anime consumers, all the Big Eyes mascot wants to do is save the fish! Because of this, Big Eyes Coin has created a dedicated charity wallet holding 5% of its tokens inside.

These tokens will go directly to charities associated with the survival of marine life, overcoming threats like overfishing and plastic pollution that risk the extinction of marine life by 2600! Further funds from NFT tax fees will go directly to the charity wallet, ensuring a constant flow of BIG tokens for charities.

Cardano’s Charity-Focused Stake Pools

Cardano has exuded sustainability and charitability since its inception. Cardano represents one of the largest collective-giving communities in the blockchain industry, raising $500 million worth of ADA in 2021 in its charity-focused stake pools for numerous charitable causes.

Additionally, Cardano partnered with Veritree to achieve its goal of planting 1 million trees for more nature and less carbon in the air. With Cardano’s blockchain technology, Veritree stored and shared GPS coordinates, photos, and other characteristics of restoration, showing the real-world value blockchain technology has.

The challenge for the Cardano community was simple, could they contribute 1 million ADA so Cardano could plant 1 million trees? The Cardano community answered the call and raised 1 million ADA in just over three months!

What Has The Binance Charity Done For Social Change?

When BNB set up the Binance Charity, the aim was to utilise blockchain technology to generate social change. BNB has seen unrivalled success for its commitment to charity, raising 3,078.925 BTC for charitable causes since its inception.

BNB has tackled many problems, including closing the poverty gap, ensuring each child has the right to an education, creating equal opportunities for all, and many more. BNB tackles these issues in three ways; direct crypto giving, utilising Web3 as a tool for social change, and blockchain technology for good causes.

Additionally, BNB has created educational resources accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The resources contain knowledge with multiple levels of difficulty, covering everything regarding blockchain technology as BNB attempts to increase blockchain and Web3 adoption.

Final Thoughts

Cardano and BNB’s dedication to charitable endeavours is inspiring. They are using their unique blockchains to spark social change in the world. Big Eyes Coin could follow in their steps as it devotes a significant amount of its tokens to ocean sanctuaries, with additional funds from NFT tax fees.

As mentioned above, Big Eyes Coin is currently in the fifth stage of its presale, raising $8 million at the time of writing. It’s no surprise that the crypto community is excited about the launch of this vibrant project, and Big Eyes Coin is offering bonus tokens to those who purchase using the ‘BEYES564’ code!

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