Any company providing cryptocurrency trading functionality will gain a lot of traction fairly quickly. In the case of Change, the company is looking to bring cryptocurrency to the masses by introducing a new Bitcoin app with no trading fees. Converting between fiat and cryptocurrency at no cost can bring a lot more people into the Bitcoin world moving forward.

Change Introduces Zero-fee Trading

Most cryptocurrency trading platforms charge a maker or taker fee– in some cases both– making monetary transactions rather expensive. Change, a company based in Estonia, is tackling this situation from a completely different angle. Rather than levying high transaction fees, they provide exposure to cryptocurrency trading without any additional charges to take into account. Not only that, by going the mobile-only route, the company seems to be heading in an interesting direction.

There is no shortage of consumers looking for ways to get in on the cryptocurrency action, but doing so in an accessible manner has proven to be extremely. Change aims to make this process a lot more accessible and cheaper.

The Specifics

For the time being, the Change application supports only a handful of different currencies. The list includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and Tether. It is unclear if and when other currencies will be added to the mobile application. The app itself is available on both iOS and Android, but only for users who reside in the European Economic Area.

The mobile-only route can certainly be beneficial for the cryptocurrency industry. A similar trend has begun forming in traditional finance, where consumers often seek out mobile-based service providers first and foremost. Change is taking this approach to the cryptocurrency industry, although it remains to be seen if they will be successful in this regard.

Final Thoughts

Bringing this type of functionality to European cryptocurrency enthusiasts is an interesting decision. Change is heading down an interesting path as their mobile-first cryptocurrency platform is slated to expand even further in the coming months. New products will be unveiled later this year, although no further specifics have been provided at this point in time.

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