Challenge Your Poker Skills with CryptoGames’ Video Poker!

When you think of Gambling, often a room full of serious gamblers sitting at a table comes to mind. Following that you can visualize how each of the individuals might be holding and dealing decks of cards for a round of thrilling bets. This is one of the classic examples of how enticing the gambling culture is around the world. Without a doubt, it can be said that card games have shaped the whole gambling scenario to be this entertaining since the beginning. Moreover, now since the online platforms are introducing new ways of online gambling, casino games like Poker,  Video Poker, BlackJack, or 21 are becoming some of the most highlighted virtual games. Apart from making gambling accessible to the virtual crowd, the online casinos are now offering a cryptocurrency-oriented version of the games for their users. This means you can avail different cryptocurrencies to play the classic card games and be more at ease. One such online casino that offers a crypto-oriented version of classic card games is CryptoGames.

 The casino offers two classic card games Video Poker and Blackjack on the website and both are available to play with 10 different cryptocurrencies. In this piece, we will look at the first game in-depth and check out how well the crypto version of a classic card game has been entertaining so many. 

Video Poker at CryptoGames

With a classy and neat design, the crypto version of Video Poker has been designed to easily attract those who are accustomed to the rules of Poker. The game also challenges individuals to try out test their knowledge or capabilities in a card game. Video Poker can be seen as a game that relies more on the players’ skills than their luck. This means all Video Poker players get to influence the ending of their game.   The aptly curated crypto card game comes with three lightweight versions that are easily adaptable in any smart device. Each version of the game offers rich payouts and the amount will vary according to the cryptocurrency you are using. The three variations of Video Poker that you can enjoy are Bonus Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better. You will find all three variations with their house edges that are all reasonable. We have added the house edges for all three variants, down below:

Currently, the average house edge of Video Poker is 2.09%. With- 

Jacks or Better having a house edge of 2.11%

Tens or Better having a house edge of 2.08%

Bonus poker has a house edge of 2.09%

To learn how much each of the variants is paying, simply click on the Rewards tab located right below the game. The table will display how all possible winning hands pay you. There you can also check the payout for each coin you are using and the version you are playing. You can also check out the records for the bets you have made or other players have made in Video Poker. 

How to Bet in Video Poker: 

The objective of the Game:

The objective of the game is to build each hand in a way that each of them finishes the bet with one of the winning combinations. Each combination is built with 5 cards.  

  • First and foremost if you are new in the casino then begin by creating a fully registered account and then deposit your funds. More details about this will be given after this section. Then, simply enter in the number of funds you are confident to wager in credits. The credit conversion rates for the coins are given underneath the gameboard. 
  • After entering the preferred bet amount, press Start. This will make the house deal 5 cards to you. Right as the cards are dealt, there will be a “Hold” button given under each of the five cards. This way you can utilize your opportunity to keep, deal with any or no combination of cards. If you have any cards or combinations in your mind then simply press the “Hold” button according to your strategy. 
  • Once you have completed keeping your preferred cards, press the Draw button and finish the hand.
  • If you have a winning combination after the “Draw” you will get compensated as soon as the hand is finished. Otherwise, you will have to start all over again.

Smart Hold 

For the new players, the smart feature acts as a guiding agent that supposedly enhances a players’ odds. This means the objective of smart hold is to boost your hand’s overall winning chances. Although the feature has the possibility of forming a better hand for you, it doesn’t fully guarantee a win which is why the casino gives out a warning for its users to use or enable “Hold” at their own risk. 

It is also stated that the casino shall not be held responsible for any lost bets due to the usage of smart hold and the decisions it makes. 

Coins and Transaction Methods for Video Poker

To play Video Poker, you will have the option to choose from 10 different cryptocurrencies. You will find the following:

Bitcoin,  Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash. 

As far as the transaction methods go for cryptocurrencies, all players will have the freedom to choose the traditional or new routes for themselves. On the website, you will find two new systems that are part of the casino’s latest updates. 

One of the deposit systems alongside the traditional system is the newly added Credit Card method. 

The new deposit system is enabled via Onramper. This third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator allows the fiat currency users to deposit their fiat funds in a fast and flexible way. Onramper completes the task of making deposits within lesser time compared to a regular exchange system. To use the system, CryptoGames suggests its players complete the KYC process and then get verified by the system to fully enable credit card deposits for themselves. 

Alongside that, CryptoGames now offers an exchange system called ChangeNOW on their platform. The newly added system has been in operation since 2017. It is designed to be capable of ensuring crypto exchanges without any need for registration. ChangeNow has over 250 crypto coins on its website. The system can be used by CryptoGames players at any time to convert their cryptocurrencies into the 10 available ones on the casino website. 

You can use both the regular and latest addition simultaneously. 

On the website, you will have the backup of Google 2FA applications and SSL encryption. This means that both your funds and account will be backed up by the architecture at all times. The casino’s multi-layered security will also ensure that your data is secure from the reach of unwanted theft. Along with this, you will also have the support of the system and a respectful community to build up your confidence in gambling. 

Tips to Look Out For 

If you are one of the players who jump into any new game without any strategies then Video Poker might be a tricky one to master. Especially if you are putting your actual funds on the line. If you are a beginner-level poker player then avoid guessing the outcome and relying completely on your luck. And to help you get familiar with the game, the system offers you the Smart Feature and Play Money feature for use.  The Play Money feature is a play currency that you can earn from the casino for free. Using this you can play all three variants of Video Poker without using anything from your account. Now, to form the best possible hand, you can remember these points while building one:

  • All face cards always carry more value than any other cards in a deck.
  • In case your hand doesn’t have any “good card or you have nothing else, try holding on to the face cards.  
  • Íf your hand has 2 cards of the same kind, of “lower value” or any non-face cards, then try to hold them before you go for another draw.
  • PlayMoney is always there to help you test your strategies or to get to remember the value of the cards well. So use it to build confidence in exploring the rules thoroughly. 
  • Take a good look at the payout table or the precedence of the cards to help yourself with the winning chances. To help you out, here’s a list of the Poker Hands ranking from Highest to Lowest.

 Straight Flush: Final hand consists of five cards in numerical order, all of them belonging to a common suit.

 Four of a Kind: Final hand has four cards with the same numerical value and one side card.

 Full house: The ending hand has three cards having the same rank and the rest two cards having different ranks.

 Flush: The ending hand consists of five cards all belonging to one suit.

 Straight: The last five cards belong to any suits but are all in a numerical series.

Three of a kind: The final hand has three cards with a similar numerical value, but the other two cards carry no significance.

Two pairs: Final hand has two pairs of cards carrying similar numerical values while the other one has no significance.

One pair: Final hand is made of two cards carrying the same numerical value, and the rest of the cards are individual cards having no significance.

High Card: If the hand ends with cards that don’t form any series.

Provably Fair Gambling in Video Poker

To ensure you had complete control over your hand, and there is no adulteration in the result whatsoever, CryptoGames enabled their Provably Fair gambling technology. This guarantees that all your final hands are entirely influenced by your choices during the game. In case of doubt, you will be able to check out the hashes and the betting history to check whether or not your results were fair and accurate.  

Sign Up in a Ziffy

Since the registration process at CryptoGames is free and easy, you do not have to worry about providing your personal or financial information right at the beginning of the process. You can opt for the basic registration process that lets you explore all the games on the website by just providing a username. The basic registration will also permit you to utilize PlayMoney. This way if you change your mind about CryptoGames or aren’t impressed by the version of Video Poker they offer then you can log out of the website without having to provide any further information. In case you are wondering about how you can earn the free Play Money for playing Video Poker then here’s a short description of it:

All the players registered with the regular sign-up can earn Play Money through the Faucet. Each player is allowed to request Play Money rewards as soon as they sign up and enter the website with their player account. The number of times they can request the rewards will depend on their player levels. The highest number of requests is up to 60 times a day. 

Deal Your Cards with the Best Version of Video Poker! 

Of all the card games available in online casinos now, Video Poker is hands down a highlighted one to be introduced in a crypto version. The game not only requires a lot of patience and critical thinking but also a lot of practice. Which makes it more enjoyable and profitable than the other card games out on the internet. And at CryptoGames you will get to try your skills in the three versions. That means triple the fun and thrill. Once you have mastered the game and its variants, you can move forward to exploring other 8 games in the casino. While playing Video Poker at CryptoGames, under the same roof you will get great adaptability for your devices, smooth and fast financial transactions, reasonable exchange or credit conversions, and many more advantages. On top of all the responsible gambling policies, there is no better place than CryptoGames for checking out your luck in the best crypto version of Video Poker. 

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