Chainlink(LINK) Price Prediction: Uwerx(WERX) Raise Over $1 Million On Presale


The crypto market heavily rewards early adoption, and presale is the earliest you can be on any cryptocurrency. Ethereum presale was roughly $0.31 per token at the time of launch; at current prices, that’s over 500,000% profit. Early buyers do not have to wait this long. However, it was already a massive profit right after launch. The gains just became larger as buyers held through the years. There are several other presale instances like Ethereum, and most cryptocurrencies in the market are comfortably above their presale prices.

Uwerx is the newest excellent utility token on presale, and it promises an exciting profit margin for users looking to get in.

Chainlink(LINK) Price Prediction

Chainlink(LINK) is a decentralized oracle network helping blockchain applications and smart contracts to connect with off-chain data. It has proven to be a helpful developer tool over the years, as it connects blockchain networks to real-life data. Most top protocols are in partnership with the network, and the underlying token is a store of value for what the network represents in the crypto landscape.

LINK has had its highs and lows, but it’s one of the tokens guaranteed a price pump when the market begins to gain volume for the bull season. Trading at $6.53, LINK is almost 90% down from its all-time high, but it’s the same for most other crypto assets. LINK is undervalued at the moment, and you can expect to ride the wave up in the next bull market.

While LINK stands out as a top pick towards the bull run, we believe Uwerx is an opportunity with a higher profit potential.

Uwerx(WERX) Is Primed For A Pump

Uwerx (WERX) is emerging in the cryptocurrency market as one of the most unique solutions we have seen in a while. It’s launching as a solution for the freelance industry, and merging both markets allows for some new market dynamics. The freelance industry is dominated by centralized institutions looking to capitalize on the industry for profit.

The global gig economy still has existing issues that need redress, and with blockchain, Uwerx is leading the charge to revolutionize the industry. Uwerx will focus on establishing a low-fee, frictionless platform allowing freelancers to connect easily with job opportunities across the world.

Uwerx will charge as low as 1% on transactions on the platform, allowing freelancers to keep more of their money than predominant platforms in the industry. In addition to low fees, users will enjoy unique features such as incentivization and transparent pricing, which are typical features one would expect for a blockchain-based solution.

WERX, the native token of the platform, will be the primary utility coin; however, users can transact with other cryptocurrencies, breaking the friction with payment and currency limitations on other freelancing platforms.

WERX presale is on, and this is an opportunity to buy the token at $0.0315 below market price and make a massive profit when the platform eventually launches.

Join the Uwerx presale now and take advantage of the 20% extra bonus.






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