ChainLink Price Eyes $20 as Bulls Remain Hungry

CryptoMode Chainlink Price

It is another interesting day for the cryptocurrency markets. All of the major DeFi tokens keep trending higher, whereas Bitcoin continues to move sideways. For fans of the ChainLink price, a target of $20 has suddenly become rather likely. 

ChainLink Price is a Honey Badger

Even though the top cryptocurrencies are not moving up in the past few days, ChainLink is doing its own thing.. That is only to be expected, as this currency has been of massive interest to crypto users for some time now. In fact, the ChainLink price keeps trending higher and higher, regardless of what Bitcoin and Ethereum are doing.

Speaking of which, LINK is rising in BTC and ETH value as well. This dominant bull run has been a sight to behold, and it shows no signs of slowing down either. With another 25%+ daily gain in the books, the past year has proven very beneficial to LINK holders. 

It is the Talk of the Town

Due to all of the ChainLink price momentum, it is only normal that people are talking about LINK. The social statistics, provided by LunarCRUSH, confirm this uptrend. Everything is in the green for the past week, indicating that LINK keeps generating a social buzz. Especially the increase in social engagement is interesting to behold. 

Despite the growing LINK market cap, just 69% of social media actors are bullish on ChainLink. That is pretty low, although the market will do its own thing regardless. The most impressive statistic is how the social dominance for ChainLink has risen to 10.03%. 

Developer Activity

Most people know that ChainLink has plenty of market liquidity and trading volume every single day. What is more interesting is whether or not developers have been active on GitHub lately. 

For ChainLink, there have been 123 commits over the past 90 days. A very interesting statistic, although it puts the project in 31st place of all tracked crypto assets. It will be interesting to see what comes next for ChainLink in this regard.

ChainLink Price TA

Looking at the current LINK momentum, one would think that this momentum may remain in place for some time to come. Due to the inherent volatile nature of crypto assets, that is not necessarily the case, There is a lot of pushback across all markets right now, primarily because Bitcoin is getting hammered for no apparent reason. 

For LINK/USDT, that will undoubtedly trigger some volatility between $16.5 and $17.5. Even so, all indicators show that the push to $20 will remain in place, despite some minor hurdles along the way. There is plenty of liquidity, the MA’s are still moving up, and the overall sentiment remains very positive. 

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