ChainLink Brings its Oracle Network to Ethereum Classic

CryptoMode Ethereum Classic Microscopic

Collaborating is crucial to advancing any ecosystem in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. ETC Labs and Chainlink will join forces to bring Oracle Network to Ethereum Classic.

Changing the way a major blockchain ecosystem works is always a risky endeavor.

A big Move for Ethereum Classic

Most ecosystems and technologies are not designed to work with other projects out of the box.

ETC Labs and Chainlink think they can partner up to create a more competitive ecosystem.

Experimentation will be a crucial factor to ensure everything works out according to plan. 

Through the Oracle Network, the consensus mechanism will undergo some pretty big changes in the near future. 

Oracle provides a bridge between blockchain technology and the outside world. 

This unlocks a lot of new opportunities and options for developers to explore.

Making the most of these new opportunities will be the main order of business.

Similar to Ethereum, the Ethereum Classic ecosystem also provides smart contract functionality.

Making the most out of that technology is crucial to keep advancing ETC as a whole.

It will be interesting to see what kind of changes the world can expect from this collaboration.

It is evident that ETC and ETH are becoming more compatible in different ways, which can also be beneficial to projects such as ChainLink. 

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