Blockchain API to add NFT Support

CryptoMode, a Blockchain API which aims to be a bridge between Blockchain and the real world announced that it will start to support NFTs now.

While NFTs are getting more and more popular, with teams all around the world starting new impressive collections with unique digital art, most of them still rely on centralized and decentralized NFT marketplaces to buy and sell non fungible tokens.

The API of now allows automatic sending of NFTs, getting the owner address of a specific token and getting further token details. The supported blockchains are Binance Smart Chain, Tron and Ethereum. The supported token standards are ERC721, BEP-721 and TRC721. This makes it possible for almost all developers to integrate NFTs within their project. No matter if the goal is to track specific NFTs and how often they are changing its owner or to create an own centralized NFT marketplace. While utilizing common REST API standards, the API can be used by anyone with essential skills of any programming language. No blockchain related development skills are required.

About is a REST Blockchain API which allows to automate interacting with the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Tron Blockchain. So, instead of using a wallet to manually send coins and tokens to many addresses, this process can be automated with the help of There are also functions to get information on specific transactions, tokens, balances and exchange rates. Another often used feature is the IPN system which allows to receive webhooks when balance changes on a specific address are detected. is being used by many blockchain projects and exchanges and was recently bought by the German company Bitblade Holding UG.

The big advantages of using amongst its competitors are low costs, usability and simplicity. While most competitors charge a percentual fee on transactions, this API does not. Encoding and decoding of blockchain data is also done automatically, helping developers to understand and work with blockchain data in an easier way. As has no access to addresses created with it, it is considered safer than most centralized exchanges.

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