Central Bank in The Netherlands Sees Opportunities for Digital Currencies

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The topic of cryptocurrencies and tokens has always been controversial in traditional financial circles. In The Netherlands, the central bank is looking at the opportunities these assets can bring to the table.

It is interesting to see how central banks are changing their opinion on Bitcoin and consorts.

Digital Currencies in The Netherlands

Despite shunning these forms of money for over a decade, they cannot – and will not – be ignored any longer.

De Nederlandsche Bank, the central bank of The Netherlands, is the latest institution to look at potential opportunities in this space.

While also being aware of the many risks, everything should be looked at from a different perspective.

It is not the first time the DNB looks at cryptocurrencies in such a manner.

A while ago, the unit effectively released a study on Bitcoin and other digital currencies. 

For now, however, it seems as if the digital currency aspect pertains to CBDCs first and foremost.

Even the DNB is contemplating creating its own central bank digital currency at this time.

That being said, there is a potential role for Bitcoin as well.

It may be a useful tool to serve as a backup for payments made in private money.

The future for digital currencies certainly looks interesting , although it remains to be seen how things pan out exactly.

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