Celebrate Christmas with Merry Xmas Non-Fungible Tokens

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Non-fungible tokens are often considered to be fun and educational at the same time. As the Christmas holidays approach, a dedicated Merry XMAS NFT can be obtained by anyone in the world. 

Unlike traditional tokens, the non-fungible variety has no real monetary value to speak of.

Festive Non-Fungible Tokens are Here

That makes them relatively useless for trading and speculation, but it doesn’t mean these NFTs have no place in the industry. 

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In this particular case, the Merry Xmas NFT can be used as an educational tool of sorts.

It allows users to get acquainted with the Ethereum blockchain, as well as the general concept of non-fungible tokens.

Considering how this token will be mined by a smart contract automatically, it will also highlight the potential of that technology in the process. 

This particular venture is made possible with the help of the ENS Domains team, who have allowed for some interesting services to be created. 

Projects like these can be incredibly valuable for the industry as a whole.

Too many people still have no idea of how blockchains work, let alone digital assets and non-fungible tokens..

Additionally, this makes for a prominent Christmas gift to offer to friends, family, and loved ones.

How successful this venture will prove to be, is very difficult to predict.

Non-fungible tokens are still a niche market first and foremost.

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