In what could signal the start of a massive leap ahead for the Ethereum community as a whole, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has said that it is close to releasing Ether futures in the coming few months. The statement has sent investors into an excited frenzy but until further clarifications are received from the CTFC on the matter, everyone should stay put.

As per a story published by Business Insider earlier today, this sensitive information was divulged to the media outlet via a “trusted source” who claims to have inside knowledge of this ongoing situation.

CBOE Sees a Lot of Potential In Ether

If the story on BI is to be believed, the CBOE is apparently basing its ether futures on the underlying market of the cryptocurrency platform Gemini— a venture founded by the Winklevoss twins. However, what is even more surprising is that the CBOE has already been exploring the use of Ethereum in a plethora of different ways since the start of this year.

With that being said, the primary hurdle in the way of this latest venture could be a lack of regulatory certainty. While the CTFC had earlier declared Bitcoin to be a valuable “commodity”, Ethereum lies in a murkier area and could be deemed as a “security”.

Final Take

A couple of months back, CBOE President, Chris Concannon, mentioned that Bitcoin along with the other top cryptocurrencies could not be stopped any longer. He even said that his company was planning to add more cryptocurrency futures options by the start of next year.

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