Cats vs Dogs – Will Big Eyes Coin Change Crypto History


Alongside global financial markets, the crypto markets collapsed in the summer. Afterwards, there was a protracted crypto winter and a severe bear market. Since that time has passed, at least five months, one would assume that the bitcoin market has recovered. You would anticipate it to be at least headed in the direction of recovery if that were not the case.

The cryptocurrency sector is currently experiencing a bear market five months after the events that caused the market crash, making this the longest bear market in its brief but exciting existence. Unimaginable things have occurred in those five months, including many occasions when Bitcoin has fallen below the $20,000 barrier. Members of the cryptocurrency sector can all but hope for a shift in the environment as we go closer to the end of the year.

Will be looking at an important sector within the crypto market, meme coins. Since Dogecoin’s sudden emergence to the crypto market, we’ve seen several other meme coins created. Some have made their mark and presence felt immediately, whilst others have struggled. Big Eyes Coin is starting to make more noise and gain steam whilst in their presale.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Will This Be the Start of DOGE 2.0

Dogecoin is a fork of Litecoin, a decentralised peer-to-peer open source digital money. As a digital payment system, its operations are comparable to those of Bitcoin. Desktop wallets for the network are simple to use and can be downloaded from the main Dogecoin website. On Reddit and Twitter, Dogecoin has long been used as a tipping tool. Anyone with a DOGE address can get coins from users on the network for comparatively low transaction costs.

Cryptocurrencies began to lose part of their attraction, which is why Dogecoin was born. the provision of exciting new peer-to-peer solutions that are prepared and waiting for a generation hunting for amusing meme tokens. When Elon Musk changed his Twitter profile picture to the Dogecoin mascot, things for the parody currency suddenly altered. For the meme currency, it helped the price reach a new high.

With Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the meme cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin has experienced a surge in popularity. The price of Dogecoin doubled when the Tesla billionaire completed the $44 billion transaction. On October 27, Musk announced his possession of the bird in the tweet “the bird is released.” The price at the time was around $0.07. After five days, it had increased to $0.16.

Even while it might not seem like much, analytics site CoinGecko estimates that it contributed $21 billion to the market value of the extremely volatile cryptocurrency.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) The Cat Always Wins

Big Eyes is a brand-new cryptocurrency project that has just entered the market. Big Eyes is now at stage six of the presale and has amassed $9.76 million during this period. This is a remarkable amount of money to support the cryptocurrency project, which is a good sign for the great success that Big Eyes may see after its official debut.

Big Eyes wants to increase the value of the assets in its community by using non-fungible tokens. Its adorable cat memes might aid in its rise to prominence in the NFT sector. Big Eyes Currency is making an effort to grow its social media following, and it is predicted that this number will expand after the currency is released.

Although there isn’t a set date for when Big Eyes will be on sale, consumers may anticipate it to happen soon. Users may anticipate Significant Eyes becoming the next big currency on the market with 2023 only a few months away.

Big Eyes is a meme coin that prioritises the requirements of its community before everything else and makes sure to give users a pleasant and engaging platform to use. Big Eyes has a cat theme and has taken on the playful and amiable traits of cats to build a platform that users will like using.

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