Wallets play an integral role in the world of Cryptocurrency. They not only help users keep their funds safe at all costs but over time have transformed into entities that can be used to facilitate daily transactions. Bitcoin Cash users now have CashPay at their disposal, a crypto-fiat wallet solution that is currently in its beta phase of deployment.

Another Bitcoin Cash Wallet Emerges

There are many ways to determine whether or not a particular cryptocurrency ecosystem is growing. For starters, the number of users is important as are the number of miners, network nodes, the market cap, and so forth. However, one factor that most people tend to overlook is how many wallets support the particular currency in question.

In the case of Bitcoin Cash, there is no shortage of viable wallet solutions. With a competitive ecosystem already in place, it is rather surprising to see even more solutions emerge. For the average Bitcoin Cash supporter and investor, that can only be considered to be a good thing though.

With CashPay, its developers have chosen Bitcoin Cash exclusively for transactional purposes. However, what is really interesting is that the team has integrated a special feature that allows users to buy goods and services with ease.

To put this into perspective, the CashPay wallet uses a module called “Order Anything” which allows customers to buy anything at any online retailer and pay for it with Bitcoin Cash. Conversions are handled through Cryptonzie.it.

While there are other features regarding CashPay which are also worth checking out, the main focus will lie on Order Anything. If this feature proves to be successful, it will be a pretty big step forward for the BCH ecosystem as a whole. Direct adoption of Bitcoin Cash by retailers would be preferable but this feature can be very useful regardless.

Final Thoughts

Having another Bitcoin Cash wallet for both Android and iOS is always good, as market competition always drives innovation forward. Also, with this product release, it has now become clear that the CashPay team clearly has faith in BCH as a currency rather than just as another investment vehicle. However, whether or not this wallet will be widely adopted remains to be seen.

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