Cardano’s (ADA) remarkable growth in April impressed investors and DigiToads (TOADS) is poised to make similar strides in the near future


Cardano has emerged as one of the most-traded crypto tokens of April 2023, all thanks to its bullish market performance. The popular blockchain network led a price rally that fetched high gains for many investors. Analysts feel that along with Cardano, DigiToads is another cryptocurrency that could possibly explode in the market over the next few months. The Ethereum-based meme coin has garnered global praise for its next-generation model that combines the utility of three different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Its growth potential becomes clear when one considers that it has managed to raise millions despite being just over halfway through its presale phase.

DigiToads: The best option to learn about cryptocurrency trading for beginners

DigiToads is a nuanced cryptocurrency that gives you the functionality associated with a meme coin, a play-to-earn game, and a stake-to-earn platform on a single interface. Hence, you don’t have to keep hopping between different platforms to try out new opportunities for earning passive income. It bears testimony to how decentralized finance could drive financial empowerment on a global scale. Considered among the best cryptocurrency to buy in today’s market, DigiToads has rolled out a native token for all transactional uses that its users might encounter. The TOADS token is presently available on presale. Even though the project has completed four stages, people have six more stages to get their hands on the token.

Even though the token supply will be capped at 585 million, the team would release only a portion of the total supply for the presale stages. The remaining supply will be divided between different use cases like maintaining the liquidity pool, organizing competitions, distributing community rewards, public releases, team tokens, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Featured in many analysts’ best cryptocurrency ico list you would also get a chance to play an exciting play-to-earn game where the players have to defeat the enemy in a swamp to score the highest points. They get to take help from DigiToads – who are special creatures with unique traits and a lot of strength. If you end up being one of the winners of the game season, you go home with a wallet full of TOADS tokens.

If you are interested in learning about cryptocurrency trading for beginners, you should consider participating in the trading competitions that the platform intends to organize every month. Not only do these competitions encourage you to give your best but they also help you learn along the process. If you win, you stand a chance to learn how to manage the DigiToads treasury along with its team. To facilitate this, all winners are given a Platinum Toad which opens up remote access to the treasury for the winner. Moreover, one also gets to keep 10% of the profits they booked in a month while participating in the competition.

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Cardano-based DeFi protocol suffers server hack

Apart from being called one of the altcoins to watch out for in 2023, Cardano is among developers’ most sought-after tokens. Powered by the Ouroboros protocol, Cardano is a blockchain network for deploying powerful and secure dApps. Its native token is ADA which is the main cryptocurrency on the network. According to developers, Cardano draws its strength from its code architecture which has been designed using peer-reviewed research practices and proof-based methodology. The attention to detail helps developers deploy dApps and other kinds of decentralized systems which offer unparalleled security and scalability. Cardano recently hit the headlines after Liqwid Labs, a decentralized protocol powered by Cardano, reported a Discord server hack that led to a security breach in the administration’s user token. The hackers also created spam content and malicious accounts. However, the ADA token still has the support of the crypto verse as demonstrated by its growth in April.


Have you figured out what cryptos to buy now? If you haven’t, it’s time to trust the experts. A look at the recent reviews of DigiToads by cryptocurrency analysts will tell you how impressed these experts are with the meme token. DigiToads’ unique economic design is a winner because of its capacity to drive a global wave of financial inclusion. Plus, with the multitude of options available to users, they can leverage any opportunity to earn long-term gains. Over the next few months, analysts expect the TOADS token to smash many crypto records and clock a 30x surge in its price.

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