Cardano, Dogecoin In Crypto Superiority Battle; Big Eyes Coin Closes In On USD 22 Million


In a marketplace, it is not abnormal to notice rivalry from different market stakeholders, especially those who have commodities or services up for sale or patronage. That sense of competition is quite healthy for the industry, especially when the competition is a devoid of bitterness and animosity.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to recover from the downturn it witnessed in mid-2022, crypto currencies have been going shoulder-to-shoulder in ensuring they secure enough investor base necessary to stay afloat. It is a matter of fact that cryptocurrency strives in the strength of its community, therefore, the larger the community of a currency, the bigger it gets.

As we look at one of the fiercest rivalries in cryptocurrency – Dogecoin vs Cardano – we will also examine one of the most promising tokens which have gotten people talking and generating buzz around the marketplace. We will also explore the presale meme coin Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and how it is disrupting the crypto scene.

Cardano ‘Carting’ Home Numbers

Cardano (ADA) has seen a bull trend from the start of the year, gaining by 65% and reaching a high of USD 0.39. Additionally, throughout that time, the coin’s market cap increased by about $5 million, staying above the Elon Musk-backed Dogecoin, both in market value and market capitalization.

ADA has resisted moving over USD 0.40, but if it does, there is a significant probability that it will continue to rise and perhaps double in value over the course of the following month. ADA is also supported by fundamentals that could help the coin grow back up to $1.

The recently released Djed stablecoin may potentially enhance the value of ADA because it is expected to raise the token’s worth by enhancing the network’s Total Value Locked measure.

Dogecoin Aims To Topple Cardano With Twitter Payment

The Financial Times reported on Tuesday that Elon Musk is considering adding a payment system to Twitter, which fueled rumors that the business would integrate the alternative currency into his social media platform and send Dogecoin to new heights. Since the news, Dogecoin has been on an upward trajectory.

According to the article, Twitter has begun creating the software required to implement payments on the system and asking for regulatory licenses as part of its effort to develop a new revenue stream for the site.

According to insiders who spoke to the FT, a team at Twitter is also building a vault for securely keeping user data that a payment system would gather.

Big Eyes Coin Within Touching Distance Of USD 22 Million

The community meme token, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) focuses on NFTs. NFTs play a critical role in Big Eyes’ long-term goals. Furthermore, it promises to increase global decentralization and safety. Big Eyes assumes the appearance of an attractive cat. The cat’s behavior has been influenced by its mixed American and Japanese upbringing. By making gifts to charities, this cat hopes to contribute to a safe and healthy ocean.

Building a solid community and making a positive impact on society are both goals of Big Eyes, as it aims to build a strong investor base that will make a significant positive impact in the digital currency industry. Big Eyes Coin has, in the space of time in which it has operated, earned the trust and confidence of investors, due to having a formidable team and a clear set path for market growth and sustainability.

Still, in presale, Big Eyes Coin has generated almost USD 22 million and is set to go live in no distant time. Big Eyes’ achievements are, however, not unconnected to the 200% launch bonus offer which investors have been cashing in on. As a result, investors now earn 3 times their investment when they buy Big Eyes’ tokens. Get your own 200% launch bonus by using the promo code: “LAUNCHBIGEYES200”.

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